December 13th

Needing & Wanting by KM Bedolla 

Alexander runs his hand up my thighs, and then hips, his fingers skimming the strings of my thong panties. “I like these,” he mutters, stroking the thin strip of material. “But I think I’d like them better around your ankles.”
His words speak to a dark place inside me, a place that has me pushing my ass into him begging for any contact. Halden brings his hands to my hips halting me.
“Greedy, Darling?” He asks on a low chuckle.
I keep my mouth closed in fear of what my desire might have me to say. He chuckles again and his hands begin to head north. And with handfuls of fabric, he slides my dress up until it is bunched around my waist.
I panic for a moment and feel a nervous sweat bead at my temples. I know he’s going to see my scars. There are so many.
A long minute passes and if he notices any of my scars, he says nothing. He continues seamlessly, taking my panties down slow, torturing me again. Suddenly he is gone. His heat has completely vanished leaving me noticeably cold but no less wanting.
It’s quiet. My curiosity piques and I decide to find out what’s going on.
“Don’t move,” he says, stopping me in my tracks.
“What are you doing?” I ask softly.
“Just enjoying the view. Yes, I definitely like them better around your ankles.”
I close my eyes, feeling exposed but wanton at the same time. And then his hands are on me, stroking my bare behind in rhythmic circles, moving lower and lower. I flinch in surprise when he plunges a finger inside me. “Ah,” I breathe.
He moans in appreciation finding me wet and hot and swollen. He adds another finger and begins moving slowly in and out, in and out. His other hand is gone from my skin and I hear the metallic rasp of a zipper. “Are you on birth control?” he says close to my ear. I can tell he’s excited, his harsh breathing giving him away.
“Yes,” I breathe, my own voice harsh and needy. And without any forewarning, he removes his fingers and plunges his steely hardness into me. I gasp in shock and squeeze me eyes closed, feeling an odd pinching and burning. The sudden unexpected fullness, tightness, and stretching is something I’ve never experienced before.
I instantly regret that I didn’t get a peek at the goods, but it’s very, almost painfully, apparent that he is working with some damn good equipment. I screw my eyes shut as he withdraws and thrusts back in again, the feeling still a little uncomfortable.


Raised to dream outside the box, KM has always had a vivid imagination. From imaginary friend to Prince Charming to Alpha male sex gods, she’s got ideas growing like ivy in that crazy mind of hers.

Expanding on her love of writing dark and haunting poetry, KM has authored her first novel in what is set to be a dark, haunting, intense and erotic series.

Mother of one, KM is learning that raising a teenage boy, though tough, is a blessing and she cherishes every minute of it. Sports practices, sweaty, smelly clothes and unexpected charges on her iTunes account are just a few of the cherished day to day occurrences.

KM still resides in the same small town in Arizona where she is surrounded by a loving and supportive family, and enjoying life. As long as she has a good book, dark chocolate and Arsenal FC win their football (soccer) matches, she’ll have a smile on her face.

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