December 18th


Soft Shatter by Dany Rae Miller 

“My wolf can smell your pussy.” Ben’s hand strokes my inner thigh. “It smells like it’s ready for a good tongue lashing. Would you like that, little Shav?”

“Mmmm,” is all I can manage. With an open mouth, I suck in oxygen on the return inhale.

Nash drops his hands to my waist.

I voice my disappointment. Nash chuckles in my ear where he continues to nuzzle. He turns me around to look at him.

Oh. My. God. The heat in his eyes. I’m confused by that, but my raging libido quickly douses that emotion. With the tenderest of touches, Nash strokes my face with both thumbs.

“Baby, I was going to ask you if you’re sure.” He smiles. “But you’re so lit up, it’s obvious what you want.”

Back at ya, Nash.

He presses his lips to my forehead. Why won’t he kiss my mouth?

Ben’s hands slide under my skirt to caress my behind. A finger finds the fabric between my cheeks.

“Mmmmm, our sweet kitten is wearing a thong.” He lifts my skirt, cupping and squeezing my bare cheeks. “Wanna see, Nash?”

Nostrils flared, Nash looks down as Ben twists my hips a bit. I let him.

“Don’t you just wanna bite that ass?” Ben growls, his drawl strong and sexy.

On that heated compliment, I push my rear firmly into his hands.

“Look at that invitation. Can you smell her essence, cuz?” Ben hisses, his hand caressing my behind. “I’m going to come in my fucking pants.”

Lowering my head, I smile and look at the two wolves from beneath my lashes. What do I say to this? Nothing. Just shut up and enjoy.

Nash’s gaze meets mine. “I’ve been a walking hard on for months, rubbing it out every day in the shower. I pictured you, Shav, stroking my cock for me.”

You did? My jaw drops. My head raises in utter shock. I think I’ve stepped into an alternate universe.

Nash exchanges a look with Ben then with a blink shifts his gaze softly to my eyes. “In the master, I drew you a bath with that oil you like. You go enjoy it while Ben and I discuss a few ground rules.”

“I want to be a part of that discussion,” I murmur.

Still caressing my behind, Ben kisses my shoulder. “Not this one, kitten. We’re going to draw straws to see who gets to taste you first. It might get violent.”


DANY RAE IS CONVINCED THAT romance readers are the best readers. Unabashedly in love with love stories, they know what a magic balm romance novels are to the human psyche, especially in tumultuous times. Take bits of Jackie Collins, elements of Fifty Shades, a touch of J. R. Ward, and mash in a healthy dose of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you’ve got the essence of Dany Rae’s storytelling style.

She’s devoted to writing sexy yet smart, mystical yet believable storylines woven by tantalizing, well-developed characters that pull readers in. Dany Rae is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in political science.

An award-winning screenwriter and ex-TV producer, she left her civilian career with the U.S. military at the end of 2016 to pursue her dream. After the devastating loss of her son in November 2015 and her mother just six weeks later, Dany Rae understands the power of love. It’s a lifesaver, sometimes literally.

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