December 4th


AndraProfile“The Hohouse – Lily” by Andra Ashe

‘What if I want to admire the view a little longer?’ she moved around him, to the window, her curves silhouetted against the city lights. Softly rounded curves. Feminine. Delicious.

‘Enjoy the view, if you find it so intriguing,’ he moved behind her, sliding his arms around to cup her breasts, finding peaked nipples under the thin lace. He squeezed gently, then harder when she groaned her approval and undulated her arse against him, seeking his hardness.
The provocative metallic grate as he unzipped his jeans broke the silence. She stilled, continuing to look out at the glittering cityscape below. He found the pins in her hair, pulling them out, her glossy, dark hair spilling over his hands. He traced along her shoulders, down her arms and circled her wrists with his fingers. Placed her hands on the glass. Pressed against her back, enveloped in her exotic scent, he slid his cock between her thighs.

Wetness seeped through the silky fabric covering her sex. Wetness and heat. With her hands still pinned to the window, she arched her back in invitation and he obliged with small, teasing thrusts.

‘Stay where you are,’ he whispered, let go of her wrists and ran his fingers along her arms to the curve of her hips. Hooking his thumbs into the elastic, he slowly drew the black silk down her legs. She lifted each foot. ‘Perfect,’ he sank to his knees, leaning forward to brush her bare arse with a kiss.


A sensualist and a romantic, Andra loves creating sinfully sexy situations for her characters to indulge their lust, and fall in love. Her heroines are sexually adventurous women whose men love them enough to let them be themselves. Andra lives in Melbourne and hopes her adult children aren’t too traumatized by having a mother who writes smutty stories.

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