December 6th


Five Miles Out by Scarlett Redd

“Here you go dear, glass of wine for you” he said sweetly as he pushed the other glass across the counter towards her.
Raising her eyebrow, wondering what his game was she picked the glass of wine up waving it at him “Thank you, cheers, hope it’s not laced with arsenic” she said warily to him.
“I’m sorry” he said huskily
“What are you after?” she asked as she eyed him suspiciously.
“Hmmm” he said, as he came around the counter stalking towards her sporting a rather large hard-on making his intentions rather obvious. Coming up behind her, he grabbed her around the waist, burying his head in her hair.
“Oh! Maybe I’m not in the mood. Maybe I have a headache…” when she felt him grinding his cock into her back. Soon she could feel him getting even harder against her lower back.
“Oh come on baby” as he nuzzled in her ear nipping her earlobe. “Don’t be like that” coming down to nuzzle on her neck in that spot that made her weaken.
“Ooooohhhh!!!…” she moaned “it’s not fair Chris; you know all my weak spots don’t you?” She turned around. Angry at herself for what she was about to do kissing him hard on the lips.
Grabbing her face in his hands and placing his lips on hers, he poked his tongue into her lush fruity tasting mouth from her sip of wine. She moaned, while they battled tongues in her luscious fruity mouth. She soon felt herself starting to get wet down below along with her clit starting to throb. You traitor, she thought to herself. We should still be mad at each other. Unfortunately, he knows how to get round me, and where all my weak spots are to use against me, so that I succumb to him.
Bringing his hand down from her face, he started playing with her nipples through her thin shirt taking advantage of the fact she was braless underneath making her moan even harder. Chris made her nipples stand to attention, aching with want, in need of attention. She gasped throwing her head back, enjoying the feeling of him playing with her nipples. Causing her to start rippling inside, he grabbed her t-shirt at the bottom pulling it quickly up over her head.

Quickly he was down on her taking her left nipple in his mouth. Sucking, licking slowly around her fairy ring, and teasing her nipple with his tongue. Meanwhile using his hand on her other erect nipple, he began rubbing the tip between his fingers. He groaned in delight loving her nipples making him get an erection so hot and hard in his jeans. It soon caused him to begin to ache. Popping off her nipple he bent down and pulled her skirt over her hips, pulling it down her legs for her to step out of. In a husky voice “I’m overdressed here, what are you going to do about it?”




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