December 8th

Author Nia Farrell labeled

Something More (The Three Graces Book Three) by Nia Farrell

Can I kiss you…?

I touch his face, tentative, cupping his jaw and painting his lips with my thumbs. I remember this mouth, citrusy; his breath, freshened with orange breath mints; his long, thick hair, falling around his face like a curtain; his sweat dripping onto me as his body merged with mine. I brush my lips against his, knowing if I were bolder, I’d taste oranges and coffee on his tongue.

He moans. Softly. Such a small thing, but it has the power to shake me to the core. I feel my defenses cracking, feel the walls, so long in place, being pulled down. Brick by brick, I crumble. Tears track down my cheeks as I lean into him, against him, missing his hands on my body, wondering if I can manage to stand being touched.

I open my mouth against his, and the salt from my tears mingles with his taste. He keeps his hands down, his tongue tamed. He opens wider for me, lets me take what I want. I feel a sense of déjà vu. Like the first time we made love, when he lay on the bed and let me touch him, he gives me the control I need to be able to do this.

The next sixty seconds is one slow, sweet, sensual kiss, full of promise, brimming with hope. I pull back from him and stare into his hazel eyes. “Umm.” I can manage nothing else. Shock and awe.

Then it happens. I sense someone behind me, close, unbidden. Surrounded, my survival instinct kicks in and my training takes over. Next thing I know, Cam is on the floor, and I’m headed for Hannah. The very blustery day on the television screen is no match for the whirlwind of me.


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