December 19th

Advent Calendar December 19 

“Finding My Reason” by Sadie Bissett

I felt his hot breath against my neck as he turned quickly enough to make me slightly dizzy. Suddenly, my back was being pressed against the wall, his hips grinding into mine. I was finally feeling that hard part of him that I’d only seen behind his soft, worn jeans.


“I don’t want to rush or push you, but, damn.” He pressed against me, my panties getting wet beneath my shorts from the friction he was creating. “I need to kiss you now, Lissa. I need to feel your soft lips, to taste you. Please, don’t say no. Please.”


He was begging . . . me.

“Yes.” The word ended up being more of a soft breath, I was unsure he’d even heard me. I spoke again, putting as much force into it as I could. “Please, taste me.”

I had no idea what he’d do when I said that, but it was better than I’d imagined, so much more than I could’ve ever dreamed.

His hand shot up instantly, his fingers tangling in my hair, pulling my head back as his mouth came down over my own. His lips pressed hard against mine, his tongue seeking entrance.


“Open”, he growled out against my lips. When I obeyed that one-word command, he fell onto my mouth like a hungry man. His tongue swept past my teeth, tasting me as his own flavor filled me. He was thrusting into my mouth, matching the rhythm of his hips stroking against my soaked center.


I slid my tongue against his shyly which had him groaning and his body shuddering against mine. He pulled my hair harder and the sting from his strong grasp caused more of that slippery wetness to gush from me.

“I can smell your sweet pussy, baby. If I was a better man, I’d let you go and let you find someone that deserves to own your heart—but I’m not that man.” I felt him take a deep breath and release it before his hand loosened in my hair. “What I am, though, is a good enough man to know when you’re not ready.”


I shook my head, ready to argue.

He turned around with me in his arms, then let my body drag down his as he slowly lowered my feet to the floor. Setting me slightly away from him, he held onto my arms until I was able to stand on my own.

“Don’t argue, baby.” He rested his forehead against mine. “Your body may be ready, but your heart and mind aren’t, and I want all of you—every delicious part.”


Sadie Bissett ~ Wife, Mother, Author, and Lover of life . . . and chocolate 😉


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