December 13th, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Alexandra Iff

“Lion’s Vineyard”Anghsty romance

“Evie, I give you one last chance to leave.”

But she doesn’t seem to listen. What the fuck is she doing? She opens the side zipper of her dress and exposes her ribs, the beginning of her breasts, and her belly curve. Then she takes her dress lightly at the hem and lifts it slowly over her body.  When it reaches her shoulders, she gets stuck for a moment. Something catches in her long hair. I don’t move. The body that emerges, as she stands with her legs apart to keep her balance, startles me by the sensuality in every curve. She struggles, shaking herself in what looks like a dance of love, and finally frees herself, her ample breasts and tangled hair. Then she throws it on the floor.

“I am not leaving Connor,” naked, bar her white cotton panties, she stands in front of me like a goddess. So small but yet powerful in many ways.

Her body is perfect. Her breasts large, round, perky. Her nipples hard. She’s looking at me, at what I’ll do next.

It takes me one step to get to her. I lift her in my arms and take her to the sofa bed that’s already open, and I lay her down. I press my lips over hers, and kiss her. I kiss her hard.

“There’s no going back from this,” I whisper in her ear.

My body wants to envelop hers, I’ve been deprived of skin to skin contact for such a long time and if I could have it, with her, just for tonight, I’d do it. I stand up and start taking off my clothes. I want to hurry but at the same time I want to watch her lie in front of me, with her moist lips needing mine and doe eyes that enthrall everything in their sight.

My boxer shorts are last. I take them off and notice her eyes following my rigid cock. I lean down over her, and kiss her again. I don’t want her to get scared, I know I’m big.

With only a pair of panties between us, her nakedness exposes every nuance of her motion. She’s impatient, and I want to take my time. Because there’s no time at all. I’m afraid someone might walk in and take me away. Or take her away.

My hands brush over her breasts, abundant and full. Fuck, I need more time to worship them. I lean down and take her nipple in my mouth. I wanted to do this ever since I laid eyes on them. I suck on it, bite, and don’t let go. It makes her wild. Wanton. It makes her legs open and wrap around my waist. It makes her grind against my cock. I let go, and take her other nipple now, bite on it too, and tug it gently.

I head down, towards her panties. They have to be taken off. I kiss her over them, and continue doing so between her legs. The wet patch in there is giving off a heavenly scent.

I crook my fingers under the elastic band of her panties and slowly, I pull them off, exposing a neatly trimmed curly auburn hair. Her eyes open, as I forcefully grab her thighs from underneath and lift her legs up, spreading her open for me.

“Fuck me. You are one horny girl, Evie.”