December 14th, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Roanna M. PhillipsRoanna M. Phillips

Whimpers of Pleasure Books 1-5
Excerpt from Book 5 – You are Ours
Erotica / Romance

His new position trapped her between Jace’s legs and there was nowhere to go.
Determined not to be intimidated, she confronted him. “Why don’t you go and find someone to talk to…somewhere far from us?” demanded Evlin.
“I’m perfectly happy right here.”
Rafi looked at Jace over her shoulder, then proceeded to let his eyes travel over her body with a long, greedy look. There was no doubt about that look. It was the look of a man who wanted to see her naked…even under him.
Nothing could convince her it was just her imagination. How could he be so bold to do something like that right in front of his friend? Such disrespect. She took a deep breath to give him a piece of her mind.
“Are you going to tell her or am I going to?” Rafi asked Jace, interrupting her upcoming tirade.
Evlin stopped mid-breath…confused, then looking from one man to the next. Again Rafi gave her body a lustful perusal.
“What? Jace, what is going on?” Evlin looked over her shoulder to Jace sitting behind her.
Leaning in close, Rafi spoke into her ear, his warm breath drifting over her skin. Evlin tried to steel herself but she couldn’t stop the shivers that raced over her body from his heated words. She may not really like him, but there was no hiding that his look, touch, words, did something to her mind and body.
“Jace and I like to play together and I’m here for you to get to know me. To get you used to me while we prepare you for the joy of having two men totally focused on your pleasure.”
Evlin felt her jaw drop as she tried to understand what she was being told. Two men…at the same time! TWO!…TWO MEN!

Whimpers of Pleasure Books 1-5
Sometimes the pleasure is too much…but if you are brave enough dive right in. Discover five sensual stories of women who didn’t think the pleasure was too much and took the chance to be with the men who caused them to make countless Whimpers of Pleasure.

Whimpers of Pleasure Book 5 – You are Ours
After a very long dry spell, Evlin finally started going out again after she yielded to the appeal of her former co-worker Jace. She was taking it slow but she bothered by his continued habit bringing along his friend Rafi. Then to her shock, she discovered the reason behind the two of them always being there. They both wanted to be her lover…at the same time. Thrown into the possibility to be being with two men, Evlin discovers what it is like to be at the center of unrestrained pleasure

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About Roanna M. Phillips

A dreamer from birth, Roanna M. Phillips has wanted to create stories and spin tales for as long as she can remember. Creating characters and letting them go wild gives her a joy that she doesn’t want to live without.
Born on a tiny island where art is admired but not truly respected, daily she follows her dream of being an author. She started by self-publishing her first book, Baby Don’t Scream, and has been putting out books from that moment on.
Roanna’s latest book, Whimpers of Pleasure Books 1-5 is just the most recent of her stories and she has several works in progress that she hopes to put out in the new year. She has several more books to add to her Royal Mates Series and is looking forward to releasing the first in a new series she had been working on.
Roanna thanks each and everyone of her followers and friends for their support as she goes forward on her writing journey.