December 21st, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Alexandra Iff FLASH BURN

“Flash Burn”

#1 Bestseller in Erotica Genre

James Knight POV.

My doctor suggested this new form of therapy where I write whatever I’m feeling on paper so we can analyze it later in one of our sessions. Except, what I’m feeling right now is damn horny and what I need is my sub, here in my home, on all fours, strapped to the whipping bench, helpless and soaking wet for me to flog and fuck her.

Fuck! Maybe I should write a wayward e-mail to Miss Robbers depicting all the kinky things I am going to do to her when she gets here. Then I’ll take a cold shower and maybe go have a few rounds of kickboxing with Anthony in the gym downstairs. I haven’t met a better sparring partner than my head of Security.

I open my laptop, log onto my personal e-mail account, and start drafting the e-mail, trying to somehow get rid of all this pent up sexual energy that I’m feeling now; afterwards, I hope to get some actual work done.


To: E Roberts

Subject: Frustrated

From: J Knight

Date: 01/23/13 22:14

Dearest Ella,

You have no idea how frustrated you make me feel because you are not available for a fuck this evening. I had some stressful meetings this morning and all I want to do is just lose myself in your fucking wet pussy and pound you hard into oblivion.

I am so damn hard right now, thinking about fucking your warm mouth and coming all over your lovely face. You deciding to skip town instead without any notice, leaving me as hard as a stone and frustrated, well, I think you have earned yourself a punishment.

When I see you, the first thing I’m going to do is tangle my fingers in your hair and lead you to the middle of the room, forcing you to kneel, then I’ll drape your body over the padded leather whipping bench.

Your ankles will be cuffed with the leather straps to the bench legs and a spreader bar will be secured just above your knees so your dripping pussy stays nice and open to me. I want your hands behind your neck, where I’ll cuff your wrists with metal handcuffs.

From my chest of goodies I’ll take your favorite toy, the butt plug, and shimmy your panties to the side, then I’ll stroke my lube covered hand upward through the apex of your thighs, brushing your sopping folds, going to your sweet puckered rosette and lube it up good. Oh, baby, I know that’s cold….here, suck on it, make it moist and warm, you know it’ll go straight up your ass.

I’d like you to open wide and relax for me now. Yeeesss….There you go. You are such a good girl, Ella.

Twenty lashes with the nine tails across your back, ass, and thighs will make them my favorite shade of pink and I want to hear you meow and purr with pleasure receiving it. And your skin all pink and warm, the color that suits you very much.

And when the time comes, I will relieve you of your soaked panties, probably rip them in half off of your warm rosy ass and then sink two of my fingers into your dripping pussy, rotating them, thrusting them deep inside you, stroking your pulsating inner walls, stretching you, making you beg for me to fuck you already.

Finally, I’ll pull down the zipper of my tattered jeans and take my cock out, driving straight into your throbbing pussy, holding you by your ponytail and fucking you with abandon. Ah, I can feel you climax all around me, your walls contracting with spasms, but I’m not done yet, I want to fuck you some more until you come, screaming and quivering for a second time. Fuck, ahh, I can feel your pussy squeezing my dick hard all around and you pull me down into a shattering orgasm together with you. I remove the anal plug and still feel your inner walls throbbing; your whole body is shaking, missing the fullness of the plug. You are pulsating erratically again, kneading my dick between your folds, massaging it while you ride off another orgasmic spiral of anal pleasure.

Ella, be prepared, you will be sore.


J Knight


Well…this certainly helped me. I hit the send button and decide to read my email again when I realize with horror the damn autocorrect the computer made on its own!

It’s Robbers, not Roberts!


Eva Roberts POV.

Sitting at my desk with my second cup of coffee this morning, I take a look at my emails and sigh. I don’t think I’ll ever get on top of them. They just keep coming. It never stops. My only sane moment in this busy environment is being able to have my personal emails open in the back browser so I don’t miss out on any gossip. Just like any other day, I open a new browser and log in to my emails before minimizing the screen and working on a project that will take up most of my morning.

Who on earth is J. Knight?

There’s an email from someone I don’t know. I open it and start reading. Oh my! This is definitely not intended for me. Someone called Ella…oh…I turn my face away from the computer screen. I know I just blushed. Should I keep reading? By the time my mind makes the decision I’m already going fast through the email.

She’s really getting it from him. What I wouldn’t give to be fucked by someone…as hard as he’s fucking her I might say. I haven’t had a relationship in almost a year. I know I shouldn’t, but I feel I owe it to my body to read this email to the end.

I continue reading and I’m aware my lower lip is pulsating from being held between my teeth. What am I doing? I don’t bite my lip! This email…oh…it’s certainly getting my juices running.

Perhaps someone sent it as a joke? I look around me in the office but everybody is minding their own business. Clearly this J. Knight is into BDSM. Not my cup of tea but oh my, is this what it’s all about? From what he’s saying, I’ll take everything but the lashing.

Stop listening to your needy body, Eva! My mind is always here to wake me up.

I deliberately minimize the Gmail screen and focus on um…my work emails. Is my breathing shallow? Argh! I place my hands on the edge of the desk and push off. The chair I’m sitting on slides backwards on its wheels and I swivel around, stopping right next to the window, looking outside. I need sex. I really do. I’ve had a very dry year and this is the closest I’ve gotten to fucking. Ok, getting wet. But good wet. Scary wet. Should I email him back? Am I that gutsy? No. I know I’m not.

I pull back to my desk and ignore the stares from my colleagues. They’ve seen me doing this before. No big deal.

Let me read that email again. Mm….pounding me hard into oblivion, tick, my dripping pussy open for him…tick, lubing my puckered rosette…mmm…tick, although I don’t think I will need any lubing at all. Listening to me purring with pleasure…tick, ripping my panties off …tick, sinking fingers into my dripping pussy and rotating….mm…thrusting deep inside…making me beg…tick. Fucking me with abandon…tick, my body shaking from the orgasm…tick. Oh my! Did I just feel throbbing in my…oh this is not good, Eva, not good at all.

Okay, think. Think! He doesn’t know me, and I don’t know him. I don’t care. I’ll write back. If I can’t have sex in real life I’m sure I’ll get close this way.