December 23rd, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Alexandra Iff FLASH BURN

“Flash Burn”

#1 Bestseller in Erotica Genre

James Knight POV.

To: E Roberts

Subject: Pleased

From: J Knight

Date: 01/24/13/ 10:55

Dear Miss Roberts,

First, allow me to apologize for accidentally sending you a letter of such vulgar and explicit contents. Where are my manners? I would never do such rude things to a lady without at least getting to know her name and treating her to a nice dinner first. And any fun in the bedroom would only begin after the signing of the contract in which we both would clearly specify all our soft and hard limits, the do’s and don’ts, likes and dislikes. The safety and total satisfaction of both parties involved are always my highest priorities.

Relationships in the BDSM world are always based on absolute trust and honesty. I guess we kind of skipped a few steps there… But I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised by this unexpected turn of events that led to you receiving the letter meant for Ella.

You are a very brave woman, Miss Roberts, for answering such an explicit email and the way you answered… I think my pants might split in half.

I noticed your aversion to whipping and I applaud your initiative to replace it with the alternative of me fucking your mouth. I would like that very much.

I think with the proper training and care, you would make a great submissive. We would probably start from something light, like sensual spanking or light flogging with a soft suede flogger. It doesn’t hurt at all, just creates a wonderful tingling sensation, bringing the blood to the surface of your skin and making it one large erogenous zone. Would you like to imagine what it feels like? Let me paint the picture for you. And you just relax and enjoy the ride.

To begin with, in the bedroom you will always call me Master because that’s what I’ll be to you. Another thing, I’m sure you look fantastic in a tight pair of jeans or a pant suit, but when you are with me I want you only in skirts or dresses and heels. I want quick access to you in case I decide to fuck you on any of the numerous surfaces in my penthouse, like my beautiful dinner table for instance… mmmhmm fuck you from behind, pressing your beautiful body against the glass of my floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the streets below.

Well then, if you dare, let me lead you to the bedroom, Miss Roberts. ‘Don’t be frightened, I will not hurt you, I’m here to give you pleasure only’ you’ll hear me say as the heavy double doors close behind us.

I stand behind you, your back flush to my chest as my hands travel up from your thighs, lightly brushing over the sensitive bundle of nerves hidden behind your panties, up over your stomach, then higher, counting your ribs, fondling the fleshy mounds of your chest, squeezing your nipples, then, giving them a hard tug, I slide my hands further up, caressing your throat. I brush your hair to one side of your face while the index finger of my left hand slips into your mouth, letting you suck it. My lips trail over the skin of your exposed neck and I trap the soft flesh of your earlobe between my teeth, nibbling on it gently.

My hands land on your shoulders and then slide down your arms, locking them behind your back. And with a plastic zip tie from my pocket I fasten your wrists together. Now, Miss Roberts, you are mine for the taking.

I lead you to the bed and sit on the edge of it, draping you across my legs. Positioning your upper body on the bed, I can feel my breath getting quicker from the excitement I get knowing I will spank your delicious round bottom. I trap your legs with one of mine and weave my left hand between your zip tied arms, holding you firmly locked in place. My right hand caresses your tight ass cheeks and I slip it in the apex of your thighs. Ohh, yes I love the dampness of your panties… I tug them down, leaving them to rest just above your knees, then I knead your ass some more. I lift my hand into the air and bring it down against your right cheek in a delicate upward motion, and I repeat the same on the left cheek, and then one more time, striking your pussy. I soothe your tingling skin by stroking the places that I struck, then sink two of my fingers into your hungry pussy.

I could listen to you moan all day long… I repeat the rhythm a few more times and I can feel your body tensing; you’re getting ready to explode. Not yet… hold it in; I want to be inside you when you come. I cut off the plastic tie and turn you on your back in the middle of the bed. In seconds I’m nestled between your legs, rubbing my stiffness between your slick lips. I pull your legs on my shoulders and enter you with single deep thrust…your back is off the silky sheets, only your neck, arms and shoulders are touching the surface of the bed and I’m pounding into you with deep fast thrusts accompanied by muffled grunts coming from between my clenched teeth. It doesn’t take long until your screams pierce my ears and both our bodies tremble in unison. Exhausted I lay my head between your heaving breasts and try to catch my own heavy breath.

Miss Roberts, where should I send the check for the steam cleaning of your furniture and replacement of your ruined panties?


Mr. Knight


I hit the send button and recline in my comfy chair. Let’s see what she has to say this time. I almost have half a mind to order Anthony to bring the car around so I can do a thorough inspection of my newly acquired company, just to see what state Miss Roberts is in after she reads my email.


Eva Roberts POV.

I was focused on my work until I received that email an hour ago. It just bugs me. In a good way. First of all, I think I replied too quickly. I should have consulted with someone at least. Why did I have to rush into it? Now it’s too late. I’m a respected member of the staff in my company and if my boss finds out what type of language I used she would fire me on the spot. Nobody has heard me talk like that. I should be focusing on my career and instead here I am, answering tasteless emails on the BDSM side. And what a yummy delicious side that is!

I never knew I would like that sort of thing. I mean, yes, this is all too good over the internet but would I actually commit to participate? Definitely not.

Which brings me to my biggest worry. If I am somehow traced…what would I say? I already feel the adrenaline shooting through my heart from the fear of getting caught.

Calm down, Eva.

Maybe I should analyze the situation from a different point of view.

Let’s say he received my email and he read it. Would he reply? If yes, then is he cheating on that girl… Ella? I mean, that must be his girlfriend, right? Hold on, theoretically, this cannot be construed as cheating because it’s via email…a damn good one I must say!

Right. It’s official. I am losing my mind. Why did I email him back? Let’s look at the facts. The email was unbelievably sexy. Mhm. It was so sexy I had to go to the restroom and wipe myself with a tissue. Twice! Another fact. I haven’t had a good fuck in a while, so…really, my clit was replying to that email rather than my mind. Fact three…um…I really want him to email me back. I will take anything at this stage to get my juices going. Until I find myself a boyfriend. I promise.

I say that last word and look at the screen. My Gmail account is refreshing itself and an email from that same J. Knight pops in my inbox.

Oh my god! I feel a twinge in my panties. I am so excited. I open it as quick as you would open a Christmas present delivered to you directly from Santa. I skim over the text and all I see is sex, sex, and more sex. And sex once again.

Okay, breathe…sit up straight Eva, wheel the chair under the desk, get that keyboard in front of you, your right hand on the mouse and start reading.


 Enjoy it!

 Feel it!