December 24th

“Milli” by Alexandra Iff

That day I recited the letter to the men in the room, with everyone sitting down at a round table and staring at me. The Luminary, as they called him, stood up. Anyone could tell he was the leader of this nightmarish ring. He was in his forties; tall, grey hair, clean shave. Perfectly fitted suit. Just like the others.

“The road to heaven is paved with pleasure, for all of us,” his voice was ominous. “We are ready to take you, Milli.”

“I don’t want to be here. Please, let me go,” I ended on a whisper.

There were tears rolling down my cheeks as the men were staring, their lips crooked, some were groping their crotch, and one made a fist and bit it with his mouth agape.

“How can I? Look at them, they are impatient.”

I slowly raised my chin in defiance, my tears proudly shining on my skin.

“Eventually, your spirit will break, and you will learn to love us, as ugly as we come.”

I’ve never heard of Marquis de Sade before. But having been forced to read about him in the small confined space I was imprisoned in, on my knees, with my bottom out of that wretched hole, I now know who Milli was. Her sexual gratification depended on suffering physical pain and humiliation imposed by others. And they are priming me for the same.

For the big cull, as they say.

The Luminary is the only one with the key to my cell, the one with the power to make me do things. To torture me in bewildering ways. He has done it twice within the two months I’m here. I don’t know how long it will take him to break me. But I do know that no matter what they do to me, I won’t give in.

I am unbreakable.

If I stay focused, I might escape this hell hole alive.

Advent Calendar Erotica

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