December 17th

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Erotcia Vampires

Max stooped over the edge of the building. A cool breeze wafted down the street. Night fell hours ago. A dark blanket covered the city. The humans did their best to fight the oncoming darkness with their lights and electricity, but there was no winning against the departure of the sun. Darkness prevailed every night. The rest of the world needed its time to bask in the glory of the day, but not everyone lives and breathes for the daylight hours.

Max jumped.

A shadow fluttered between the buildings. The window creaked open. Max reached in, pulled the curtain to the side and fastened it to the wall.

He slid into the room and cut the bedside light.

A thump came at the door. Max slipped back through the bedroom and lifted himself out of the window. A fluttering sound followed his departure. The curtains moved back and forth, almost waving goodbye to him. He knew the room. Those curtains just as well. He parted them most nights. Just like the man in apartment 18C parted his wife’s legs.

Max loved to watch. He thought the couple instinctively knew he was there. He thought they enjoyed knowing that he watched them.

Max settled down on the edge of the building across the way. He leaned against a gargoyle that guarded the corner of the building. A blurb of shadows came crashing into the bedroom he had just left. The two of them kissed madly.


Date night.

It almost always ended like this.

Max hadn’t missed it in weeks.

The man, Rich, was hung like Max. Maybe even a little larger, which was a feat in and of itself. Max prided himself on his length AND girth.

He loved to watch Rich violate his wife. His pulsating rod disappearing between the victim’s legs. The always present shock of such mass fitting into the tight crevices of the snatch he had procured for the rest of his life.

Lori got it most nights from Rich. She knew what she had, and she wasn’t letting that thing go.

Rich was better looking.
Lori might be a seven, maybe an eight and a half after a glass or two of wine, but she played the wife through and through.

She knew exactly how to take care of her man.

And Rich knew how to take care of her.

They made a beautiful couple, and Max enjoyed watching them take care of each other in and out of the bedroom.

Someday, thought Max. She’s out there.

Lori fumbled with Rich’s tie. She gave up after a few tugs, then dove down to his pants. She ripped the belt out of the loops and sent it flying across the room.

Would have been nice for a spanking, thought Max. Oh well.

Max pulled out his own growing cock and massaged the tip between his fingers.

Lori bent down. She grabbed her husband with both hands. His cock flopped out of his trousers…

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