December 24th

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Forged in Fire 

She pushed at him. “I believe you. But it doesn’t matter. You can’t handle my profession. You can’t handle me,” she sauntered away from him, hiding a smile. She had felt how much he wanted her, but she wasn’t going down easy.
It was the last straw as far as Lucky was concerned. He had been truthful and open with her and she just flitted away, her saucy ass swaying. “You’re doing this on purpose, twisting my words. You want to play games? Well, I’m finished playing it your way, little temptress. I’m going to take what you’ve been offering and damn the consequences.”

Renee saw the intent in his eyes and ran around the sofa, her heart pounding in excitement. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t been playing games with you. Do you think I want to be attracted to a man who can’t take me seriously?” she shouted. She had been teasing him with her body. She couldn’t help it. But her attraction to him had to manifest itself somehow. She was only human.
He caught her coming around the edge of the table and dragged her to the floor, leaning over her. “You want me, don’t you little witch?” He growled as he feasted his eyes on her heaving breasts. The more he stared, the harder the pebbles grew, and the more she struggled.
“Stop trying to overpower me,” she panted. She could feel the hardness of his arousal against her leg. Without thinking, she parted her legs further, allowing him to come closer. She sighed at the more intimate contact. She couldn’t help it. His weight felt absolutely wonderful.
“I. Am. Stronger. Than. You,” Lucky ground his pelvis into her, clasping her arms above her head. “Admit it!”
“Dammit Renée, it’s not a sin to be weaker once in a while. And women are physically weaker than most men. It’s a fact.”
He stared at her breasts pressing against the sheer fabric of her gown. “And baby, whether you want to be or not, you are all woman.” He bent down and took one turgid peak in his mouth.
“Oh God, that’s fabulous,” Renée gasped aloud, sensations washing over her.
Lucky came up hissing. “You like that, don’t you? Admit it; you want me as much as I want you, dammit.” He jumped up. “It isn’t fair to you. I can’t offer you anything.” His breath was coming in short gasps. She was so damn beautiful. He raked his hands through his hair and turned away from the invitation in her eyes
Renée clambered up from the floor. “Did I ask for anything else, Lucky? I’m a grown woman. I can make a decision. Whether or not I have sex with a man is my choice.”
Lucky’s world was angry fire warring with hope and desire. “Suppose I just take what you’re offering and damn the consequences. Are you prepared to take the responsibility of a relationship with a convict?”
Renée had never seen him so angry, not even when Sussex had gotten away from them on the highway. “I was trying to make a point.” She began backing away as he started forward.
“Point taken. You want to have sex with me. All right, I’m game,” he continued to stalk her.
She refused to back down. “Stop trying to intimidate me!”
“Intimidate you? The great Renée Morgan?” He sneered as he caught her by her long dark hair. He tugged lightly and spun her around into his arms. “I wouldn’t presume to be able to unnerve such a strong confident woman in such a way.” He tightened his grip at her waist. “After all I’m just a suspected murderer. Everyone believes I killed her; they even sympathize with my reasons for doing so.”
“Stop it!” Renée struggled against him. She heard the pain behind his angry words and it hurt her to see his anguish as he tried so valiantly to disguise it.
“Maybe that’s what Claudia said, too,” he sneered in her face, “Or maybe that’s what turned you on about me. I mean, a hard-ass woman like you won’t be satisfied with an honest hard working man. We’re too boring. A hard-ass woman would want some excitement, some danger.”
Renée stared into his deep brown eyes. This was what Claudia had done to him. Even if they found the killer, if he was once again free from her, the betrayal would still be with him. She had taken his pride, his self-esteem, and trampled it. She had made him a eunuch. Not physically, but emotionally, he was a cripple. She stared at him, and God help her, Renée realized in that instant that she was in love with him.
Lucky couldn’t ignore the sweetness emanating from her eyes, no matter how hard he tried to fight it. He knew he was falling in love with her. He loved her with such intensity that now he realized his feelings for Claudia were nothing compared to this emotion. He pulled her closer, wrapping her in his arms as he took her mouth in a gentle kiss. Her body opened to him. Her feminine scent surrounded him. He wanted to lose himself in her loving body, kiss every inch of her skin and take her with him to the stars and back.
Their lovemaking continued, falling onto the floor, never breaking the kiss. Renée shivered as his tongue boldly plundered the moist interior of her mouth. She ran her hands through his hair and rubbed her body against him. The feeling was incredible.
Lucky knew he would have to end this soon or he would never be able to stop. She sent him to the edge every time he touched her. He had to trust that she understood what he had been trying to tell her. He lifted his upper body away from her and she moaned, her arms reaching for him in open invitation.
“You’re supposed to be stopping me, woman. I’m practically ravaging you,” he growled as he reached out and tore her gown down the middle, exposing her breasts to his hungry gaze.
“I can’t help it if you make me feel this way,” she panted, arching closer to him, wanting to feel his exquisite mouth on her naked breasts. She leaned up and licked his lips with her tongue while she grabbed his shirt front and ripped it open, flinging buttons everywhere.
“Dammit,” he ground out as he took her mouth in a ravenous kiss. Her silky hair fanned out around them. He ran his hands through it, pulling her closer, not able to deny it any longer. He broke away for a second and stood up, throwing his shirt off his shoulders and taking off his jeans. In a moment, he was naked and flinging himself onto her body. She accepted his weight with a gentle gasp.
Lucky stared at her sultry half-closed eyes for a moment. “You want me, Renée and I want you. I’m not the man my family thinks I am. If we take this opportunity, I’m not making any promises, not now. Not ever.” He grabbed her face with his hands and forced her to stare at him. “Do you understand?”
Renée felt a flicker of fear. She knew with a certainty that she was in love with this man. He might be acting like an angry bear, but she believed what his family had said was true. He was a good honest man. Life had wounded him, and she wanted to be the only one to soothe the pain away. If only he would let her. She would give him back his pride tonight and let tomorrow take care of itself. She wanted to do this for him to show him, he was worthy of her love. She reached up and smoothed a lock of his hair. “I understand.”
Lucky swore at the look of love reflected in her eyes. She was so vulnerable and sweet, staring up at him with shining eyes. He hated doing this to her, but he could not make promises while he was still being framed for murder. He might not have a life to give her and it wouldn’t be fair to take advantage. She might think she was a cynical private detective, but when it came to her own personal life, she was a babe in the woods compared to what he knew now.
“Good.” He ripped the rest of the gown away, taking her panties with it. She gasped at his callous treatment. “I like it hard, fast and dirty.” He smiled with an evil grin as he forced her legs apart, thinking that any minute now, his actions might turn her away from him. He steeled himself for her rejection.
Renée stared at him. Her bear was in a reckless mood tonight. He was trying to warn her away. She could still see the pain, the vulnerability in his eyes. She entwined her legs around him, pulling him down on top of her and nestling him between her hips. She felt his hardness touch her and she wiggled in sensual delight. “You may like it hard and fast,” she whispered against his lips, “but you’re also going to love it slow and sweet.”

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