December 13th

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Tempting Secrets

“Wow.” Her eyes are wide as she steps back from me, trapping her bottom lip between her teeth, and places both hands on my chest. Her eyes trail over my torso and then down my stomach, her fingers soon following, tracing the lines of my muscles as she explores. When she reaches my waist, her eyes skim back up to meet mine, and she shakes her head. “You’re gorgeous.”
“You’re gorgeous.” I chuckle and then pull her hand to my mouth and place a kiss on her palm. “It’s your turn.”
“My turn?” She stammers.
“Take the dress off.” Before I rip it off.
She takes her other hand off my waist and takes a small step back. She skims a hand up her side, moving it under her arm and then grasps onto a zipper and lowers it. When it’s all the way down, she turns so that her back faces me, raising her arms to her neck to untie the knot holding up the top portion of the dress. When both pieces are free, she moves the fabric away from her shoulders and then releases them, the entire dress sliding down her body in one swish. 
She’s standing before me in only a nude pair of lace panties, her back to me, and I’m already so fucking hard that I don’t know how my dick is going to stay in my pants when she turns around. But there’s no way I’m stopping now.
“Turn around.”
And she does. In one swift motion, and in less than a second, she rotates and my heart fucking stops in my chest. She’s perfection. Before I can truly take her in, she takes three bold steps toward me, lays her hand flat against my chest, and pushes me until the back of my legs hit the couch. She shoves me hard enough so that I sit, and before I can even blink, she’s straddling my lap. Her arms snake around my neck, her fingers landing in my hair, her forehead bumping against mine. Hot air flutters out between her lips as she exhales and then whispers, “I’m sorry.”
I’m sure the fuck not. “For what?” I say instead, reaching up to stroke the loose strands of hair against her face away, holding her head in my hands.
“Because I said I don’t do this.” Her tongue darts out and slides across her bottom lip, leaving it wet and shiny and my resolve on thin ice.
Oh, we’re so doing this. “Do you want to stop?” I skim one hand gently across her face and trace the wet trail along her bottom lip with my thumb, my eyes staying locked on hers. She shakes her head, sucking the tip of my thumb into the heat of her mouth at the same time, eliciting a chuckle from me. “I’ll take that as a no.”
I pop my thumb from her hold and crash my lips to hers, sweeping my tongue against them, forcing her to open. I can taste the tequila on her and delve deeper as her arms tighten around me and her fingers clench and pull my short hair. My cock throbs as her hardened nipples brush against my own, and I move my hand down to push her core down as I rock into it. Her mouth parts as it falls open in a moan, her eyes shooting up to meet mine. She shifts her ass back, my brows furrowing in question, until she leans forward and begins a slow assault with her lips down my neck. She continues to move lower, sliding her body off my legs as she does, bracing her hands on my chest as her tongue grazes down my pec and swirls around one of my nipples. Her eyes peek up at me from under heavy lashes as she drags it over the peak and then closes her lips around the raised disk and sucks. “Fuck me…” I groan out, my eyes snapping shut as my cock throbs in agony. I feel her lips form a smile right before cold air hits my wet nipple and almost come when I hear her respond. “I’m getting there.”

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