December 8th

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Excerpt from More (Avenging Angels MC Book 5) by Nia Farrell
A dark MC erotic romance

In five seconds flat, Iceman had her panties and jeans shoved down to her knees and his cock working its way inside her, inch by hard-won inch. She’d thought that Sig was big but he hadn’t measured up to tattoo artist Flynn McGee.

Iceman’s ten-inch tool would put most porn stars to shame.

The Angels’ assassin drilled into her again. As scared as she was, she was glad to feel herself getting wetter. He’d frightened her with his Master/slave talk but she needed to know where she stood. Iceman intended to keep her and her boy safe but it would take an act of God to save her from whatever he had planned.

“You like that, bitch?” he growled, jacking his hips and slamming in deep enough to make her squeal. “Feel my cock stretching you out? Filling you up? Flynn said you had a sweet pussy. That’s bro code for a nice, tight twat. You should be all stretched out from having a kid, but hell if you aren’t as tight as a virgin.”

Fucking Flynn. He’d been clueless that she’d had a baby. Every time they’d done it, he’d taken her from behind. Her second interview had ended with her bent over his desk almost like Iceman was taking her, with the edge of his dresser cutting into her abdomen, one hand fisting her hair and his other hand squeezing her breast.

She’d made herself a whore for Flynn. Somehow, she’d survive this, too.

“Nice tits,” he grated, claiming her flesh with the sharp flex of his fingers. “Sweet titties and a nice, tight snatch. This might just be my lucky day.”

He gave her nipple a cruel twist. Her pussy gushed and her mouth gaped open but she didn’t cry out, only whimpered a bit before she swallowed even that.

Pain slut.

He was pounding her pussy with a ten-inch battering ram. As hard as his hips were snapping and his balls were slapping her, he should have been reaming her raw. She should have been begging him for mercy. Instead, she was taking it like the dirty girl that she was.

His dirty girl now. Not Sig’s. Not Flynn’s.


He’d said it, and she believed it. With that monster dick of his, he was going to make her forget anyone who’d come before. She’d always liked rough sex. If she wasn’t careful, he’d have her on her knees, at his feet, ready and willing to meet his every need. Keep showing her mercy and he might just make her his perfect slave, eager to gratify his craving for control and satisfy his deepest, darkest desires.

“Christ,” he growled. “I need to come.”

Pulling out, he grabbed his cock and jacked off on her back, shooting ropes of cum that ran in a river down the hollow of her spine. Still hard, he wet her asshole with it and tunneled inside, relishing her gasp when he sank balls-deep inside her.

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