December 7th

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JASMINE – Book 1 of the ‘Hothouse Flowers’ series

Adam took Luke’s drink order and headed to the bar, his jeans hugging a well-muscled arse, his soft, white shirt emphasising his tan and strong forearms.
‘Pretty easy on the eye, isn’t he?’ Luke said.
‘I didn’t know you were bi curious,’ Jasmine countered, wanting to change the direction of the conversation.
‘I meant for you, not me.’ Luke took her hand. ‘I saw him watching you on the beach yesterday. I like that he found you hot. It made me proud that you’re mine.’
It wasn’t the first time he’d told her that. Where was he going with this?
‘When I bumped into him down at the dock, and he turned out to be a really nice guy, I knew I wanted him to join us.’ Luke squeezed her hand. ‘For more than just lunch.’
Wow, talk about left field. She needed to get this clear. ‘You want him to come to bed with us?’ A fleeting fantasy about getting hot and heavy with Adonis was one thing, but weren’t fantasies supposed to stay just that? And hers hadn’t included Luke. That took things to totally different level.
‘I would like that, yes. I love the thought of watching you being pleasured, of you enjoying both of us.’
Jasmine didn’t respond. Luke’s words painted an erotic picture in her mind, and her body responded, but her heart didn’t follow as easily.
‘You want to share me?’
‘No, babe. You’re not a possession to be shared.’ He took her other hand, holding them both between his. ‘You’re the woman I love. The woman I make love to. No one else does that. It would just be sex. But you’re also one hot, adventurous woman, and I want you to indulge that part of yourself. You don’t have to decide right now.’ He kissed her gently and turned towards Adam to take their drinks.
Jasmine took her glass as erratic thoughts, racing like a mouse lost in a maze, belied her calm exterior. She loved Luke, she fancied Adam. She could have both, but did she want to? Was it really ok?
‘Mighty big elephant in the room.’ Adam smiled and, damn her, Jasmine felt herself get wet. She was glad he was keeping the mood light because she certainly didn’t know how to deal with this bizarre situation.
‘Yup, complete with pink tutu.’ She had to say something.
Luke and Adam tactfully began discussing fishing, leaving Jasmine to her thoughts.
The waiter came for their order. Would he know why two guys were having lunch with one woman? Before today, she wouldn’t have given such a scenario a second thought, but now she felt as if every innocent situation could have sexual undertones. Well, everyone else might be here just having lunch, but she was sitting between two men who wanted to take her to bed.
She wouldn’t say their sex life was waning or becoming predictable. How long had Luke been thinking about bringing someone else into their bed?

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