December 16th

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So intense that it seemed to radiate straight to the marrow of one’s bones. Sleeping bound as she had been Camille was left to ache all over. Surprisingly it didn’t come from the lashing of the whip as she had expected but rather the uncomfortable position her body had been contorted into. Her lips were dry and crackly and all she could think as her eyelids parted was how badly she wanted some water. It hadn’t been a great night’s sleep and had been interrupted several times because of the chilly night air against her perspiration-laden body. He really had left her to just hang around and evidently found so much displeasure in her that leaving her to suffer this way was a fine punishment. Foolishly Camille had thought she could easily get Andre` wrapped around her finger, but what scared her, even more, was how he knew what she had done. How could he have known? Did he have people watching her, and if so what was the extent of their definition of watching? The lyrics to the Police’s Every Breath You Take began to play in her head and she shifted her body as she shook away the thought. What lengths would Andre` go to in order to maintain control over his potential submissives, and what disastrous results could that have on her life? Already he showed jealousy and possessiveness. Traits that Cami had thought she wanted in a man, but now playing with fire was beginning to show the many ways it could burn. Suddenly the memory of what Jules had said about her played throughout her head,

“I want to burn her…”

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