December 23rd

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Alexander makes a screeching sound with his chair as he stands up. 

“Amelia.” His voice couldn’t be any deeper.   

I turn sideways, look down, and listen. He may have something to say since he made such a point of calling my name so loud.  

“Let me see you to the door.” 


I continue walking but he catches up with me and places his palm on my lower back. Then, before I’m aware of what he’s up to, he speeds up a step ahead of me; it feels as if he is almost rushing me out. We walk past the restaurant’s reception desk, at the very end of the corridor and just as the hotel’s foyer comes before us, he opens one of the side doors to his left and ushers me in. 

“Wh-what? What are you doing, Alexander?”  

In haste he pushes me back against the wall of what’s probably a broom closet, with my cheek flat on it and wraps my body with his, pressing firmly over mine.  

“Alexander..don’t be stupid…” I whisper.  

“I’m hard, Amelia,” he says into my ear.  

And I’m wet. But I know anything I say or do will be held against me in his court of sexual pleasure. And I’m not ready to get it right now.  

“Do you want to see what a mind fuck feels like?” he whispers in my ear and grinds his hips into me, his hard cock rubbing on my butt cheeks. A quiet moan escapes my lips.  

“Mm, yes. I know, pet.” He leans down and gently slaps my thighs from the inside. “Open your legs for me.” I don’t move; in fact, my knees close, gluing my thighs together.  

“Ha-ha!” His confident smirk rips my silent mutiny into shreds. “Okay, then.”  

He scrunches up my dress, taking it up and above my bottom with both of his hands and then his fingers hook in the elastic band of my panties, sliding them down just as fast to the middle of my thighs.   

“Now, don’t move.” 

My face is flat on the wall and my bottom bare. He’s not pressing my body anymore with his, but still, he’s very near. The moment I feel the breeze over my bare ass his hand slaps me hard in an upward motion. Oh god! And, at least, five-six consecutive times more. Immediately, I’m beamed to the land of desire with a colossal flash-burn ensuing in my loins, pulling all my nerve synapses, waiting, anticipating something. And my bottom perks up. 

“Mhm.. good?”  

I close my eyes and breathe. Pant, more like. My voice is gone; even though I wanted to say something, I can’t. I’m up there. In space. 

He strokes my bare behind while I’m praying for him to go further, but he smacks me yet again on my reddened skin. A moan escapes my lips again.  

“A small whimper is enough, pet.” 

He pulls my shoulder to him, turning me around with my back to the wall. I lean on it and breathe, looking at him wantonly, my nostrils flare, and I try to open my knees but my panties stop me. They are staying firmly half way down my thighs.  

His blue eyes smile at me, as if what I need is near, and in a move I don’t anticipate he swings with his hand, landing it perfectly over my pussy. A sharp smack pierces my ears. It scorches my folds, setting alight my clit and at the same time…. Fuck! Did that feel good? It’s like hot Tabasco sauce spilled over my folds. And, again, the same thing, a fierce slap except…except this time, I guide the flames. I guide them into my light. My hips sway my pubic bone up, my legs are struggling to part, damn those panties, but they’re parted enough for him to gain access where needed and, as he continues each consecutive slap, it’s the best thing I’ve felt in my life; stinging, unrefined yet with that thin thread of gratification when his hand merges with my clit and pounds my body with another smack. 

“You like this? Hm?”  

I’m panting and moaning quietly. Why am I encouraging him? I don’t know, but I’m waiting; anticipating his hand on me again and again. 

The slaps feel wet, my juices have surged out of my honey pot, defying the law of reason and there are no panties to keep them at bay. His hand is wet and it feels good, I think I’m almost there. Feeling the zingy pain, but focusing on my ecstasy, appreciating each slap, a few more and I’ll reach my peak, I know. 

“One last time, Amelia.” he pants, too. “Brace yourself.”  

I’m waiting, anticipating the fire of a hundred sparklers smoldering and all I want is for it to be aimed at my nub. In fact, I’m there, on the precipice of my orgasm, my nub just a portal to heaven. I lift my hips, my pubic bone, waiting for my next round. I want it, and he knows; my sanity disperses into my body, the adrenaline makes me shiver and my breathing is deeper, heavier. But, why? Why isn’t it coming? I feel his hand on my thigh, wiping my cum off of his fingers. 

“Do you feel me now?” he whispers. “In your mind?” 

He’s horny as hell; his body sweating in the enclosed space, his cock engorged and protruding through his pants but at the same time he radiates so much control, it’s riveting.  

I’m breathless, wet, craving a slap and definitely a fuck. Leaning on the wall, I feel the stickiness between my legs, the cool air gives me the notion of their exact whereabouts; I pat my clammy pussy and all I want to do is to rub myself, feel where his hand has been.  

“Yes! I do….” I don’t want the spanking to end. It’s making me heady.  

But he’s already pulling my panties up and my dress down. Having straightened up himself, pushed down his hard cock, and raked his hand through his hair few times, he takes a deep breath and reaches for the door knob.  

“Love you, pet.” he smiles.  

Wh-what? No! I’m frantically trying to push aside the destitute feelings inside of me and focus on the door and him opening it.  

 “Fuck!” I grumble under my breath. I know now is not the time to scream for my fuck. He needs to go back. I take a deep breath and I close my eyes to root myself before sighing. 

“You devious, devious man.”  

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