December 21st

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“Hey.” His fingers gently touch my chin, and slowly pulls me to him. My face is bright red, I feel it burning, and the moment I feel his dark eyes on me, my soul gets pulled into his abyss. “You are beautiful.”  

I regard his face, his eyes, and his lips. He is so close to me, I’ve stopped breathing again.  

“I would love to kiss you, Miss Parker.” Holding my jaw firmly in his hand, he mumbles over my lips. 

 “Do it.” Inaudible words spoken in a moment of madness; my eyes close; I fall victim to his ways.  

“Tell me how you want it…” Held in his strong grip, he tenderly rubs our lips together. “Like this..” he nips my lower lip playfully. “Or like this.” his tongue gently glides over the corners of my lips and, as if spellbound, my mouth opens… Wanting, no, needing his kiss. “Or…” he unexpectedly inserts his tongue deep inside my mouth, taking me by surprise and expelling the remainder of doubt I had. I moan; helpless, I’m at his mercy. He’s holding my jaw firmly in his hand and he is leading this game. I…I’m just sitting here, drowning in what seems like a dream full of endorphins, I never want to wake up from. 

He pulls back just as fast, and, breathing raggedly, he stays there, on the precipice of our kiss, breathing in my air.  

“Please… Don’t stop…” I hear myself speak. I’ve never had a kiss like this. So alive. So angry. So…sensuous. He kisses me again with so much fervor I mold into him. My body…I feel it wants more. It moves forward, into him. His body reacts, but I feel his hands ease off, subtly pushing me away from him. Separated by only the air, although connected in so many other ways, we are both panting.  

“If I don’t stop now, I’m not going to be able to stop myself.”  

My pupils are dilated, my nostrils flared, I’m breathing like I’ve run a marathon.  

“Dimitri…” I lean back, trying to catch my breath. 

“You are one hell of a kisser, Miss Parker.” 

“I don’t know what came over me. I-I’m sorry.”  

“Do you always kiss like that?” 

“I don’t kiss at all. Umm.. I mean… No, I mean, I don’t know. How did I kiss?” I’m afraid to hear his reply. What is wrong with the way I kiss? 

“It felt so…” he closes his eyes, knitting his eyebrows. “Perfect. It was like…like you haven’t kissed anyone in years.”  

I observe him, fully absorbed by the memory of our kiss. 

“I’m sorry to disappoint you, it wasn’t perfect. It’s because I haven’t kissed anyone for a long time. You are my first kiss in six years.” 

His eyes are fixated on me, his chest still rising rapidly, and his nostrils flared. His eyes go down to my lips again, my plump, red lips that haven’t seen a man up close in years, and I bite my lower lip. He shouldn’t be staring at me with such hunger.  

“What a shame, Miss Parker,” he whispers. “What a fucking shame.” 

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