December 10th

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We go down the little staircase and in front of me, partially enclosed but surprisingly wide, is the bedroom. There’s also a bathroom off to one side. Wow. And another smaller room next to it.  

He pulls me with him on the bed, on top of the neatly tucked white bed linen.  

“So, my lady, is this satisfactory? You did ask for, and I quote, ‘a place not to be seen’?”  

“Yes,” I laugh, “it is. It’s perfect.” I straddle him. Leaning forward, I place my hands on each side of his face. “Perfect for what I have in mind for you.”  

“You have me in your mind?” his eyebrows crook. 

“Ever since last night.” I gyrate my hips, rubbing myself against him.  

“That’s great because we’ll recap everything we did last night, and add more too.” he grips my hips firmly and thrusts upwards with his. 

“More?” I grin and bite my lip.  

“Ohh… So much more!” His arms wrap around my body and he rolls both of us so I’m lying on my back with my legs open, and he’s on top of me, leaning forward with his hands on each side of my head.  

“Shall we begin?” 


“There’s no better time than now.” 

“Can I…um…can I freshen up first?” 

He smirks wickedly. “You want to freshen up now?” 

I nod and smirk too. I just want to get out of this helpless position. And he knows it. 

He rolls over and, props his head on his hand, freeing my body.  

“Okay. You have one minute.” 

“A minute?”  

“..59, 58, 57,” he’s looking at his watch, counting the seconds. “Time is ticking away.” 

The bathroom is only a few steps away from the bed, so I get up and stop at the door. I turn around and lean on it.  

“You didn’t really have to go, did you?”  

I shake my head, smiling.  

“You are in so much trouble now, Miss Parker.” 

“Am I?” 

“Come here.” 


“Come. Here.” he says somewhat sternly. 

I shake my head.  

“You do not want me to come over there.” 

I nod.  

“You know if I do that, you’re going to have to pay.” 

I grin, a full smile beamed at him.  

“Don’t do that, Trinity, please. Your smile has become my kryptonite. It gets me every time. I don’t need that just before I show you my dominant side.” he pauses, and then continues with a deep, serious voice. “The one where control is important.”  

My smile has vanished too. All I feel is my ragged breathing, my erect nipples and him, suddenly, in a predatory mode.  

He gets up from the bed and slowly walks toward me; his eyes never leaving mine, hooded and full of desire and cravings I have never seen before; alive and hungry at the same time.  

Standing right in front of me, he weaves his fingers into my hair and makes a fist, tugging on it so my head tilts back, revealing my neckline. I moan, the tingling sensation I get from having my hair pulled at the roots creates a pain that is familiar but yet, so new. I moan again, louder this time. 

“You like that?” 


“Yeees, I know you do, baby.” 

Then, an all consuming flash burn overwhelms me when I feel his hand sharply slap the side of my breasts, first one then the other. Even over my dress it feels so arousing. My body feels like it wants to give him access forever; my hands go down to his jeans, I’m trying to unbutton him faster than the speed of the light.  

“What’s the rush, Miss Parker?” he has me firmly in his grip but pulls his body back, out of my reach.  

I moan again; being held so tightly creates a craving inside me that I cannot seem to control.  

“Dimitri…I want you.” 

“And I want you, Trinity. You have no idea how much. But you had to be naughty didn’t you? And you know what naughty girls get, right? They –  Get – Nothing.” His words are staccato.  




“Be a good girl for me and don’t talk.”  



He kisses my lips too softly, on purpose; he knows the state I’m in. Then he releases my hair and he places his index finger on his lips.  


He takes the hem of my dress between his fingers and drags it up my body, and over my head. I’m spellbound, immersed in his dark pools as I watch him slide down my body till he’s kneeling in front of me. His hands are resting on my knees and he slowly slides them up, until he reaches my panties. He then hooks his fingers around the edges and shimmies them down very slowly; the anticipation is turning into a real torment for me. I close my eyes, hoping to lose myself in the darkness but strangely, all I see are colors. How’s that even possible? I’m going blind from my arousal.  

He taps my foot, the one closest to the bed, indicating he wants me to lift it, and I do. He takes my panties off and places my right foot up on the bed.  

I’m bare and open, my breathing is erratic, my breasts rising and falling with each breath. I hold the wall to steady myself as I slightly tilt my pelvis. I’m losing myself in the throbbing sensation as I know what’s about to come.  

His hands touching my inner thighs draw me back to the room, and I feel his tongue running over …my everything. 

“Mmhh…” I stifle a moan by biting my lip. 

“Not a sound.”  

I whimper and wait, and all he does is heighten the suspense by blowing on me, ever so gently. I’m open, bare, and ready for his taking, but it feels like a slow excruciating torture. Then it happens; his lips are over my folds, tenderly pulling on them gently, and spreading them wide. Then the delicious, squelching noises that follow propel me to heights unknown to mankind. I didn’t know such heights existed. My knees are weak but right now, my focus is elsewhere. I tilt my head back and put my hands in his hair, pushing him into me, guiding his vigorous tongue. I –I think I…. I moan, wailing long, loud and, suddenly he stops and pulls back. 

‘No! No! Please….Dimitri…” 

I was flying high through a field of daisies and he pulled me back down. I wanted to stay there!  



Standing up, he takes my hand and guides me onto the bed.  

“D-Dimitri…” I plead. 

“Oh, now you want to be a good girl for me?” 

“Yes…yes, please…just a little bit longer.” 

“Do you need me, Trinity?” he asks ever so innocently.  

“Like the air….”  

I’m lost on the precipice between heaven and hell and I know I’m hallucinating the many shades of love I see in his eyes.  

“Every second of my existence is filled with thoughts about you,” he strokes my cheek gently. “I’m obsessed. To have you in my head uninvited, to keep you safe without you asking…and now…to hold you here, for my taking.”  

“AHH!” I scream in frustration. 

“Shh. You’re in too much of a hurry, baby. Slow down.”  

I am not sure if I feel woozy from the orgasmic highs he took me to or from the lulling of the boat on the Hudson River. In any case, I’m losing myself.  

His lips are on my shoulder, and his fingers, pulling down my bra straps. I’m lying with my back arched and so much dampness between my legs, I don’t know what to do. I reach for his jeans with my hands and unbutton them. This time he lets me. His hard cock has no room in there; the moment I undo the buttons it pops out in all its glory, reaching half way up his belly. 

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