December 20th

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My panties are wet and I’m really uncomfortable. Not because of the feeling I have between my thighs but because it reminds me of that email. And each time I think of it more of my juices surge down there. Why did I have to wear a skirt today? If I had my pants on my thighs wouldn’t be aware of the turmoil going on in my crotch. 

I need to go to the bathroom and sort myself out. Change my panties. Take them off. I don’t know. Something. 

I stand up and feel my little wonderland drenched. I haven’t been this wet in months. It’s like the feeling I have when I’m on my period. Did I get my period? No way. I shouldn’t… Right, to the bathroom on the double. 

The staff restrooms are not the most luxurious ones, but they do have all the needed facilities. Including showers. There are four separate toilet stalls in the female restrooms which really helps if you need to change into different clothes…or do whatever. I’ve heard Samantha from HR had sex in one of these with her boyfriend. 

I enter the restroom and head for the nearest stall; they’re normal size but fully enclosed, like tiny little rooms. Closing the door behind me, I lean on it, lifting up my tight black skirt and revealing my black stockings. I shimmy down my lace panties to the middle of my thighs and look at them. There is not a dry spot in there. Soaking wet. Oh god, this is ridiculous! 

I look around for tissue and see the ultra-modern stainless steel toilet paper holder, a single rod protruding from the wall at a ninety degree angle. I try to take the toilet paper out of there but the large sphere at the end of it, shaped like a thick nub pointing outwards, doesn’t allow it to glide out; it’s screwed on tight. Hm. I am sure I can unscrew this thing. I start twisting it and it’s easier than I thought. The sphere is out and out comes the toilet paper too. I screw back the nub on the rod quickly and look at myself. 

I wrap the paper around my hand and slowly glide it along my cleft, down; I dip in, and up. 

“Mm…..” this feels good. My clit is throbbing and I feel the sensation intensifying rapidly. I accidently touch myself where all my nerves end I and loudly moan. 


Oh my. Should I..? My erratic breathing deepens. I repeat the same move one more time but this time I do it slowly, enjoying the touch, dipping slightly into the grooves of my holes and finishing over my clit, gyrating slightly with my hips. 

I should relieve myself from the sexual craziness inside of me. Why don’t I do it and email Mr. Knight at the same time? Be a good girl for him. 

I take my suit jacket off of me and I pull out my cell phone from its pocket. I am on a mission. Getting ready to masturbate. I hang my jacket on the door and looking down at me I know the panties will have to come off. And so they do. I unbutton my white shirt and in a preparation similar to a porn movie, I take my breasts out from my bra, giving them a gentle tug, hardening them up for my pleasure. Mm…. I am really needy now….I’m bare, in my black stockings and stilettos, my shirt opened and my breasts and nipples out, ready for some playing. I look so fucking ready. Here I go. 

I hold my cell with one hand while with the other I gently run the tips of my fingers down there. I lift one of my legs up on the toilet seat, facing the side wall, making me open more and almost immediately my fingers dip inside my saturated honey pot, opening with a thousand flavors of the month. Oh my, an idea just popped into my head. I turn the phone around, the camera facing me and extending my hand away from myself I snap a quick shot of me from the neck down. My leg is up on the toilet seat majestically, spreading myself wide open and my wet dripping pussy opened with my fingers, holding my sopping folds apart, revealing my pulsating inner rose garden, only for him. I attach the picture to the email quickly and start writing. 

I am used to writing emails with one hand and for the first time I can see this skill of mine is very handy. 

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