December 19th

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Her Safe Haven

“My name is Lilah. What’s yours?”
“Kaden,” he said gruffly.
His tone and scowl discouraged most people from talking to him, but she just smiled.
“So, I’ve been in town for about five months. Have you lived here your whole life?”
Kaden narrowed his eyes. He couldn’t fathom why she was still talking to him. “No, just about ten years or so.”
Lilah was thrilled when he actually said something, and it made her smile brighten.
His eyes went to the way her dark eyes lit up, and her dimples, one on each side of her mouth, deepened.
“You do construction?”
Kaden set down his beer and turned his whole body on the stool to face her.
A ball of heat spread through her when she practically stood between his widespread legs. She found herself moving an inch closer.
“Why the hell are you talking to me, Lady?” he growled.
Her dimples disappeared, and her eyes widened. “I wanted to.”
“Why?” he spit out.
She gripped her hands together in front of her stomach. “Is there anything wrong with it?”
“I just don’t get it,” he commented.
Lilah shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you, Kaden. I’ve seen you here before and have always wanted to talk to you, and tonight I got up the courage to just do it.”
Kaden studied her expression. She looked even sweeter and more beautiful up close, and he surmised he probably looked rougher because she could see more of the damage the fall had done to him.
Kaden leaned toward her, getting in her personal space to see what she’d do. He was utterly shocked when she moved forward a bit instead of back like he thought she would.
“My name is Lilah,” she interrupted.
“You need to go talk to a few of the pretty boys in the room.”
Lilah tilted her head to the side. “Why?”
“Because you would fit with them better than me,” he said simply.
Lilah frowned. “If I might say, I think that sounds like horse…poo.”
Kaden grunted and tried not to smile. She was fucking adorable.
“It’s called shit, baby.”
Lilah shivered at his endearment. Then her eyes widened when she caught the twitch of his lips. She tilted her head to the side again and smiled. “Alright, shit.”
Kaden’s mouth turned down. “You’re right. I don’t like that word coming from your mouth.”
Lilah smiled. “Okay,” she agreed instantly.
Kaden straightened as she’d smacked him. “I can’t tell you what to do.” Even if he really wanted to. But he knew it was best that he pushed her away because he couldn’t see her wanting a future with him, and he knew if they dated, he wouldn’t want to give her up.
“What if I said I wanted it to be your business.”
Kaden scooched back. “You don’t know what you’re saying.”
“Why would you think that? Because I’m small, or a woman, or young?”
“Yes,” he said.

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