December 24th, 2016

Sensual Snippet for Grown-ups by Alexandra Iff

“Milli” by Alexandra Iff, out on March 2017!

That day I recited the letter to the men in the room, with everyone sitting down at a round table and staring at me. The Luminary, as they called him, stood up. Anyone could tell he was the leader of this nightmarish ring. He was in his forties; tall, grey hair, clean shave. Perfectly fitted suit. Just like the others.

“The road to heaven is paved with pleasure, for all of us,” his voice was ominous. “We are ready to take you, Milli.”

“I don’t want to be here. Please, let me go,” I ended on a whisper.

There were tears rolling down my cheeks as the men were staring, their lips crooked, some were groping their crotch, and one made a fist and bit it with his mouth agape.

“How can I? Look at them, they are impatient.”

I slowly raised my chin in defiance, my tears proudly shining on my skin.

“Eventually, your spirit will break, and you will learn to love us, as ugly as we come.”

I’ve never heard of Marquis de Sade before. But having been forced to read about him in the small confined space I was imprisoned in, on my knees, with my bottom out of that wretched hole, I now know who Milli was. Her sexual gratification depended on suffering physical pain and humiliation imposed by others. And they are priming me for the same.

For the big cull, as they say.

The Luminary is the only one with the key to my cell, the one with the power to make me do things. To torture me in bewildering ways. He has done it twice within the two months I’m here. I don’t know how long it will take him to break me. But I do know that no matter what they do to me, I won’t give in.

I am unbreakable.

If I stay focused, I might escape this hell hole alive.

December 23rd, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Alexandra Iff FLASH BURN

“Flash Burn”

#1 Bestseller in Erotica Genre

James Knight POV.

To: E Roberts

Subject: Pleased

From: J Knight

Date: 01/24/13/ 10:55

Dear Miss Roberts,

First, allow me to apologize for accidentally sending you a letter of such vulgar and explicit contents. Where are my manners? I would never do such rude things to a lady without at least getting to know her name and treating her to a nice dinner first. And any fun in the bedroom would only begin after the signing of the contract in which we both would clearly specify all our soft and hard limits, the do’s and don’ts, likes and dislikes. The safety and total satisfaction of both parties involved are always my highest priorities.

Relationships in the BDSM world are always based on absolute trust and honesty. I guess we kind of skipped a few steps there… But I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised by this unexpected turn of events that led to you receiving the letter meant for Ella.

You are a very brave woman, Miss Roberts, for answering such an explicit email and the way you answered… I think my pants might split in half.

I noticed your aversion to whipping and I applaud your initiative to replace it with the alternative of me fucking your mouth. I would like that very much.

I think with the proper training and care, you would make a great submissive. We would probably start from something light, like sensual spanking or light flogging with a soft suede flogger. It doesn’t hurt at all, just creates a wonderful tingling sensation, bringing the blood to the surface of your skin and making it one large erogenous zone. Would you like to imagine what it feels like? Let me paint the picture for you. And you just relax and enjoy the ride.

To begin with, in the bedroom you will always call me Master because that’s what I’ll be to you. Another thing, I’m sure you look fantastic in a tight pair of jeans or a pant suit, but when you are with me I want you only in skirts or dresses and heels. I want quick access to you in case I decide to fuck you on any of the numerous surfaces in my penthouse, like my beautiful dinner table for instance… mmmhmm fuck you from behind, pressing your beautiful body against the glass of my floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the streets below.

Well then, if you dare, let me lead you to the bedroom, Miss Roberts. ‘Don’t be frightened, I will not hurt you, I’m here to give you pleasure only’ you’ll hear me say as the heavy double doors close behind us.

I stand behind you, your back flush to my chest as my hands travel up from your thighs, lightly brushing over the sensitive bundle of nerves hidden behind your panties, up over your stomach, then higher, counting your ribs, fondling the fleshy mounds of your chest, squeezing your nipples, then, giving them a hard tug, I slide my hands further up, caressing your throat. I brush your hair to one side of your face while the index finger of my left hand slips into your mouth, letting you suck it. My lips trail over the skin of your exposed neck and I trap the soft flesh of your earlobe between my teeth, nibbling on it gently.

My hands land on your shoulders and then slide down your arms, locking them behind your back. And with a plastic zip tie from my pocket I fasten your wrists together. Now, Miss Roberts, you are mine for the taking.

I lead you to the bed and sit on the edge of it, draping you across my legs. Positioning your upper body on the bed, I can feel my breath getting quicker from the excitement I get knowing I will spank your delicious round bottom. I trap your legs with one of mine and weave my left hand between your zip tied arms, holding you firmly locked in place. My right hand caresses your tight ass cheeks and I slip it in the apex of your thighs. Ohh, yes I love the dampness of your panties… I tug them down, leaving them to rest just above your knees, then I knead your ass some more. I lift my hand into the air and bring it down against your right cheek in a delicate upward motion, and I repeat the same on the left cheek, and then one more time, striking your pussy. I soothe your tingling skin by stroking the places that I struck, then sink two of my fingers into your hungry pussy.

I could listen to you moan all day long… I repeat the rhythm a few more times and I can feel your body tensing; you’re getting ready to explode. Not yet… hold it in; I want to be inside you when you come. I cut off the plastic tie and turn you on your back in the middle of the bed. In seconds I’m nestled between your legs, rubbing my stiffness between your slick lips. I pull your legs on my shoulders and enter you with single deep thrust…your back is off the silky sheets, only your neck, arms and shoulders are touching the surface of the bed and I’m pounding into you with deep fast thrusts accompanied by muffled grunts coming from between my clenched teeth. It doesn’t take long until your screams pierce my ears and both our bodies tremble in unison. Exhausted I lay my head between your heaving breasts and try to catch my own heavy breath.

Miss Roberts, where should I send the check for the steam cleaning of your furniture and replacement of your ruined panties?


Mr. Knight


I hit the send button and recline in my comfy chair. Let’s see what she has to say this time. I almost have half a mind to order Anthony to bring the car around so I can do a thorough inspection of my newly acquired company, just to see what state Miss Roberts is in after she reads my email.


Eva Roberts POV.

I was focused on my work until I received that email an hour ago. It just bugs me. In a good way. First of all, I think I replied too quickly. I should have consulted with someone at least. Why did I have to rush into it? Now it’s too late. I’m a respected member of the staff in my company and if my boss finds out what type of language I used she would fire me on the spot. Nobody has heard me talk like that. I should be focusing on my career and instead here I am, answering tasteless emails on the BDSM side. And what a yummy delicious side that is!

I never knew I would like that sort of thing. I mean, yes, this is all too good over the internet but would I actually commit to participate? Definitely not.

Which brings me to my biggest worry. If I am somehow traced…what would I say? I already feel the adrenaline shooting through my heart from the fear of getting caught.

Calm down, Eva.

Maybe I should analyze the situation from a different point of view.

Let’s say he received my email and he read it. Would he reply? If yes, then is he cheating on that girl… Ella? I mean, that must be his girlfriend, right? Hold on, theoretically, this cannot be construed as cheating because it’s via email…a damn good one I must say!

Right. It’s official. I am losing my mind. Why did I email him back? Let’s look at the facts. The email was unbelievably sexy. Mhm. It was so sexy I had to go to the restroom and wipe myself with a tissue. Twice! Another fact. I haven’t had a good fuck in a while, so…really, my clit was replying to that email rather than my mind. Fact three…um…I really want him to email me back. I will take anything at this stage to get my juices going. Until I find myself a boyfriend. I promise.

I say that last word and look at the screen. My Gmail account is refreshing itself and an email from that same J. Knight pops in my inbox.

Oh my god! I feel a twinge in my panties. I am so excited. I open it as quick as you would open a Christmas present delivered to you directly from Santa. I skim over the text and all I see is sex, sex, and more sex. And sex once again.

Okay, breathe…sit up straight Eva, wheel the chair under the desk, get that keyboard in front of you, your right hand on the mouse and start reading.


 Enjoy it!

 Feel it!

December 22nd, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Alyssa Drake


“A Perfect Plan”

Really,” Benjamin murmured thoughtfully, his eyes flickered over the young men roving hungrily on the sidelines. “I do not think you know the first thing about men. Let me show you. Shall we retire to the terrace; it is such a lovely night?” Without waiting for a response, he grasped her wrist lightly and tugged Samantha towards the open glass doors.

The balcony, bathed in light from the ballroom, provided shadowy corners for couples seeking a little more privacy. It was into one of these dim corners that Benjamin pulled Samantha, pushing her back against the ivy covered bricks. Both his hands rested on the greenery, sufficiently trapping Samantha between his body and the wall. He inhaled her scent, sweet like honeysuckle.

He moved closer, the heat from her body licked flames onto his skin. Their breath intermingled, caressing two pairs of lips before escaping into the star-spattered sky. His hips slid nearer, pressing into her with his unreleased desire. One finger tipped her chin until she was forced to stare into his eyes. The other hand moved behind her head, clasping her neck, just above the bodice.

“This,” he rumbled softly, their lips separated by mere centimeters, “is how a potential suitor might behave. Can you handle this?”

“Yes,” she answered defiantly, her voice wavering. She placed her hands on his chest, as if she were planning to shove him away. However she did not exert any pressure, nor did she move them; her hands remained splayed across his broad chest.

“And this?” He inched closer, his lips brushing her in the barest of kisses.

“Yes,” Samantha managed to squeak out.

Benjamin kissed her again; lightly at first and then with increasing urgency. He deepened the kiss, his body pressed against the full length of her. His hands wrapped around her waist, pulling her against him. Unconsciously they tightened their carnal hold. His lips nibbled the corners of her mouth. Urgently his tongue pushed past her lips, tasting her sweet breath.

“Mmmm,” her protest died under his assault. Attempting to mirror his actions, she kissed him back, not as forcefully, but with the same passion and intensity he felt. He wanted more of her. He wanted to take her right here, on the balcony, in full view of every guest in attendance. He needed to claim her as his, forever.

Reason washed over him; dousing him in an icy bath. Reluctantly he pulled away, acutely aware of another couple entering the terrace. This was not the circumstances Edward had in mind when he appointed Benjamin to act as Samantha’s guardian.

Samantha looked faint; the fire behind her eyes dying like embers. Suddenly conscious of their ill-concealed location, she glanced around ashamed. She quickly lowered her hands, fussing over her dress and smoothing invisible wrinkles nervously. Benjamin blocked her body from meddling eyes, to allow her a few extra moments of privacy.

“That,” he said languidly, trying to slow his own breathing, “is how a possible suitor would act.”


Alyssa Drake has been creating stories since she could read, preferring to construct her own bedtime tales instead of reading the titles in her bookshelves. Enraptured with all types of writing, Alyssa has tried her hand at short stories, collaborations and poetry. However, her first love has always been books. She thoroughly enjoys strong heroines and often laughs aloud when visualizing conversations between her characters.



December 21st, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Alexandra Iff FLASH BURN

“Flash Burn”

#1 Bestseller in Erotica Genre

James Knight POV.

My doctor suggested this new form of therapy where I write whatever I’m feeling on paper so we can analyze it later in one of our sessions. Except, what I’m feeling right now is damn horny and what I need is my sub, here in my home, on all fours, strapped to the whipping bench, helpless and soaking wet for me to flog and fuck her.

Fuck! Maybe I should write a wayward e-mail to Miss Robbers depicting all the kinky things I am going to do to her when she gets here. Then I’ll take a cold shower and maybe go have a few rounds of kickboxing with Anthony in the gym downstairs. I haven’t met a better sparring partner than my head of Security.

I open my laptop, log onto my personal e-mail account, and start drafting the e-mail, trying to somehow get rid of all this pent up sexual energy that I’m feeling now; afterwards, I hope to get some actual work done.


To: E Roberts

Subject: Frustrated

From: J Knight

Date: 01/23/13 22:14

Dearest Ella,

You have no idea how frustrated you make me feel because you are not available for a fuck this evening. I had some stressful meetings this morning and all I want to do is just lose myself in your fucking wet pussy and pound you hard into oblivion.

I am so damn hard right now, thinking about fucking your warm mouth and coming all over your lovely face. You deciding to skip town instead without any notice, leaving me as hard as a stone and frustrated, well, I think you have earned yourself a punishment.

When I see you, the first thing I’m going to do is tangle my fingers in your hair and lead you to the middle of the room, forcing you to kneel, then I’ll drape your body over the padded leather whipping bench.

Your ankles will be cuffed with the leather straps to the bench legs and a spreader bar will be secured just above your knees so your dripping pussy stays nice and open to me. I want your hands behind your neck, where I’ll cuff your wrists with metal handcuffs.

From my chest of goodies I’ll take your favorite toy, the butt plug, and shimmy your panties to the side, then I’ll stroke my lube covered hand upward through the apex of your thighs, brushing your sopping folds, going to your sweet puckered rosette and lube it up good. Oh, baby, I know that’s cold….here, suck on it, make it moist and warm, you know it’ll go straight up your ass.

I’d like you to open wide and relax for me now. Yeeesss….There you go. You are such a good girl, Ella.

Twenty lashes with the nine tails across your back, ass, and thighs will make them my favorite shade of pink and I want to hear you meow and purr with pleasure receiving it. And your skin all pink and warm, the color that suits you very much.

And when the time comes, I will relieve you of your soaked panties, probably rip them in half off of your warm rosy ass and then sink two of my fingers into your dripping pussy, rotating them, thrusting them deep inside you, stroking your pulsating inner walls, stretching you, making you beg for me to fuck you already.

Finally, I’ll pull down the zipper of my tattered jeans and take my cock out, driving straight into your throbbing pussy, holding you by your ponytail and fucking you with abandon. Ah, I can feel you climax all around me, your walls contracting with spasms, but I’m not done yet, I want to fuck you some more until you come, screaming and quivering for a second time. Fuck, ahh, I can feel your pussy squeezing my dick hard all around and you pull me down into a shattering orgasm together with you. I remove the anal plug and still feel your inner walls throbbing; your whole body is shaking, missing the fullness of the plug. You are pulsating erratically again, kneading my dick between your folds, massaging it while you ride off another orgasmic spiral of anal pleasure.

Ella, be prepared, you will be sore.


J Knight


Well…this certainly helped me. I hit the send button and decide to read my email again when I realize with horror the damn autocorrect the computer made on its own!

It’s Robbers, not Roberts!


Eva Roberts POV.

Sitting at my desk with my second cup of coffee this morning, I take a look at my emails and sigh. I don’t think I’ll ever get on top of them. They just keep coming. It never stops. My only sane moment in this busy environment is being able to have my personal emails open in the back browser so I don’t miss out on any gossip. Just like any other day, I open a new browser and log in to my emails before minimizing the screen and working on a project that will take up most of my morning.

Who on earth is J. Knight?

There’s an email from someone I don’t know. I open it and start reading. Oh my! This is definitely not intended for me. Someone called Ella…oh…I turn my face away from the computer screen. I know I just blushed. Should I keep reading? By the time my mind makes the decision I’m already going fast through the email.

She’s really getting it from him. What I wouldn’t give to be fucked by someone…as hard as he’s fucking her I might say. I haven’t had a relationship in almost a year. I know I shouldn’t, but I feel I owe it to my body to read this email to the end.

I continue reading and I’m aware my lower lip is pulsating from being held between my teeth. What am I doing? I don’t bite my lip! This email…oh…it’s certainly getting my juices running.

Perhaps someone sent it as a joke? I look around me in the office but everybody is minding their own business. Clearly this J. Knight is into BDSM. Not my cup of tea but oh my, is this what it’s all about? From what he’s saying, I’ll take everything but the lashing.

Stop listening to your needy body, Eva! My mind is always here to wake me up.

I deliberately minimize the Gmail screen and focus on um…my work emails. Is my breathing shallow? Argh! I place my hands on the edge of the desk and push off. The chair I’m sitting on slides backwards on its wheels and I swivel around, stopping right next to the window, looking outside. I need sex. I really do. I’ve had a very dry year and this is the closest I’ve gotten to fucking. Ok, getting wet. But good wet. Scary wet. Should I email him back? Am I that gutsy? No. I know I’m not.

I pull back to my desk and ignore the stares from my colleagues. They’ve seen me doing this before. No big deal.

Let me read that email again. Mm….pounding me hard into oblivion, tick, my dripping pussy open for him…tick, lubing my puckered rosette…mmm…tick, although I don’t think I will need any lubing at all. Listening to me purring with pleasure…tick, ripping my panties off …tick, sinking fingers into my dripping pussy and rotating….mm…thrusting deep inside…making me beg…tick. Fucking me with abandon…tick, my body shaking from the orgasm…tick. Oh my! Did I just feel throbbing in my…oh this is not good, Eva, not good at all.

Okay, think. Think! He doesn’t know me, and I don’t know him. I don’t care. I’ll write back. If I can’t have sex in real life I’m sure I’ll get close this way.


December 20th, 2016

Advent  Calendar for Grown-ups by Michelle Windsor 

“The Winning Bid”

“You are so fucking gorgeous.” He spun her around and pressed his lips to hers in a heated kiss. Her arms wrapped up and around his neck, then further up to grip his hair as their kiss intensified. As his tongue invaded her mouth and his teeth nipped at her lips, he slowly pushed her backward until her legs met the foot of the bed. Instead of pushing her down, he broke the kiss, bent down and picked her up under the legs, cradling her like a child before walking around to the side of the bed and setting her down in the middle of it.
He trailed his hands down the length of her body as he rose and moved back to the end of the bed. He kneeled and, as he bent down, captured her ankle in his hand, raising her leg to meet his lips. Starting at her ankle, his lips left a scorching trail of heat up the length of her leg as he made his way up her body. When he reached the juncture of her legs, he kissed her there sweetly before continuing up and along her stomach to her breasts. He dragged his tongue across the tip of each nipple and then ever so slowly took one of the peaks into his mouth and sucked.
Hannah’s back arched off the bed as his mouth latched onto her, and her hands grasped onto his head, not wanting him to roam further. Drew continued to suck and lave her breast for a few moments before moving to the other. She moaned at the intense pleasure, the slow, sensual pace of his exploration of her body leaving every inch of her on fire.
When his attention to the second breast was complete, he peppered soft, wet kisses over her clavicle and down the inside of her arm. When he reached the diamond cuff on her wrist, his fingers trailed over it, encircling it delicately before raising her hand to his lips, placing a kiss on her palm, all the while gazing passionately into her eyes.
“Drew…” she whispered, not knowing how much more of this sensual intensity she could take.
Drew shifted his body fully over Hannah’s, his elbows on either side of her head, and lowered his mouth to hers in a searing kiss. Her hands snaked up and around his neck, fingers wide around his head, trying to pull him in closer, deeper as his tongue invaded her mouth. He gradually lowered his body until he was seated between her legs. His cock was hard and throbbing as it lay against her wet center. As he continued to kiss her, he used one hand to guide himself into her heat. Their mouths both opened wide as he slid all the way in, their heads thrown back in shared ecstasy. He brought his hands up and cradled each side of Hannah’s face, his eyes locked on hers as he began to rock in and out of her.


December 19th, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Sadie Bissett  xxx

“Finding My Reason”

I felt his hot breath against my neck as he turned quickly enough to make me slightly dizzy. Suddenly, my back was being pressed against the wall, his hips grinding into mine. I was finally feeling that hard part of him that I’d only seen behind his soft, worn jeans.

“I don’t want to rush or push you, but, damn.” He pressed against me, my panties getting wet beneath my shorts from the friction he was creating. “I need to kiss you now, Lissa. I need to feel your soft lips, to taste you. Please, don’t say no. Please.”

He was begging . . . me.

“Yes.” The word ended up being more of a soft breath, I was unsure he’d even heard me. I spoke again, putting as much force into it as I could. “Please, taste me.”

I had no idea what he’d do when I said that, but it was better than I’d imagined, so much more than I could’ve ever dreamed.

His hand shot up instantly, his fingers tangling in my hair, pulling my head back as his mouth came down over my own. His lips pressed hard against mine, his tongue seeking entrance.

“Open”, he growled out against my lips. When I obeyed that one-word command, he fell onto my mouth like a hungry man. His tongue swept past my teeth, tasting me as his own flavor filled me. He was thrusting into my mouth, matching the rhythm of his hips stroking against my soaked center.

I slid my tongue against his shyly which had him groaning and his body shuddering against mine. He pulled my hair harder and the sting from his strong grasp caused more of that slippery wetness to gush from me.

“I can smell your sweet pussy, baby. If I was a better man, I’d let you go and let you find someone that deserves to own your heart—but I’m not that man.” I felt him take a deep breath and release it before his hand loosened in my hair. “What I am, though, is a good enough man to know when you’re not ready.”

I shook my head, ready to argue.

He turned around with me in his arms, then let my body drag down his as he slowly lowered my feet to the floor. Setting me slightly away from him, he held onto my arms until I was able to stand on my own.

“Don’t argue, baby.” He rested his forehead against mine. “Your body may be ready, but your heart and mind aren’t, and I want all of you—every delicious part.”


Sadie Bissett ~ Wife, Mother, Author, and Lover of life . . . and chocolate 😉




December 18th, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Dany Rae Miller ssas

Soft Shatter

“My wolf can smell your pussy.” Ben’s hand strokes my inner thigh. “It smells like it’s ready for a good tongue lashing. Would you like that, little Shav?”

“Mmmm,” is all I can manage. With an open mouth, I suck in oxygen on the return inhale.

Nash drops his hands to my waist.

I voice my disappointment. Nash chuckles in my ear where he continues to nuzzle. He turns me around to look at him.

Oh. My. God. The heat in his eyes. I’m confused by that, but my raging libido quickly douses that emotion. With the tenderest of touches, Nash strokes my face with both thumbs.

“Baby, I was going to ask you if you’re sure.” He smiles. “But you’re so lit up, it’s obvious what you want.”

Back at ya, Nash.

He presses his lips to my forehead. Why won’t he kiss my mouth?

Ben’s hands slide under my skirt to caress my behind. A finger finds the fabric between my cheeks.

“Mmmmm, our sweet kitten is wearing a thong.” He lifts my skirt, cupping and squeezing my bare cheeks. “Wanna see, Nash?”

Nostrils flared, Nash looks down as Ben twists my hips a bit. I let him.

“Don’t you just wanna bite that ass?” Ben growls, his drawl strong and sexy.

On that heated compliment, I push my rear firmly into his hands.

“Look at that invitation. Can you smell her essence, cuz?” Ben hisses, his hand caressing my behind. “I’m going to come in my fucking pants.”

Lowering my head, I smile and look at the two wolves from beneath my lashes. What do I say to this? Nothing. Just shut up and enjoy.

Nash’s gaze meets mine. “I’ve been a walking hard on for months, rubbing it out every day in the shower. I pictured you, Shav, stroking my cock for me.”

You did? My jaw drops. My head raises in utter shock. I think I’ve stepped into an alternate universe.

Nash exchanges a look with Ben then with a blink shifts his gaze softly to my eyes. “In the master, I drew you a bath with that oil you like. You go enjoy it while Ben and I discuss a few ground rules.”

“I want to be a part of that discussion,” I murmur.

Still caressing my behind, Ben kisses my shoulder. “Not this one, kitten. We’re going to draw straws to see who gets to taste you first. It might get violent.”


DANY RAE IS CONVINCED THAT romance readers are the best readers. Unabashedly in love with love stories, they know what a magic balm romance novels are to the human psyche, especially in tumultuous times. Take bits of Jackie Collins, elements of Fifty Shades, a touch of J. R. Ward, and mash in a healthy dose of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and you’ve got the essence of Dany Rae’s storytelling style.

She’s devoted to writing sexy yet smart, mystical yet believable storylines woven by tantalizing, well-developed characters that pull readers in. Dany Rae is a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, majoring in broadcast journalism and minoring in political science.

An award-winning screenwriter and ex-TV producer, she left her civilian career with the U.S. military at the end of 2016 to pursue her dream. After the devastating loss of her son in November 2015 and her mother just six weeks later, Dany Rae understands the power of love. It’s a lifesaver, sometimes literally.

Join Dany Rae’s Reader Group” with this link:

December 17th, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Alexandra IffLion's Vineyard

“Lion’s Vineyard”

“Evie… What are you doing here?” I quickly stand up on my feet.

“I wanted to apologize. The way I’ve been treating you. I shouldn’t… I mean, I should, after what you di…. but,” she talks quietly, but more to herself, her eyes lowered on her fumbling hands. “But then…”

“I don’t need an apology. You can go home.”

“N-no. I,” she takes a step forward and looks at me. “I want to. L-lately I’ve been hav… I mean, what did you mean when you said, ‘Step back, before I come too close’?”

“Isn’t it clear?”

“Yes. I mean no. I mean, I know you won’t hurt me, I can feel that. But if that’s not it then…then… What did you mean, Connor?”

I look away. What do I say? That she’s been inside my head ever since I laid eyes on her?

She comes a step closer, like a little petrified animal when it’s offered food. Carefully treading the wooden floorboards, walking quietly too.  Her eyes following my every move. But she doesn’t stop.

I look at her again, and straighten up to my full height, to tower over her. That always does the trick when I try to instill fear in my opponent, but even though she is small, she is mighty. With her eyes only she could knock me down, in a second.

“You’re too close, Evie,” my deep voice is forbidding. She should know not to play with fire. She stops, but only just a foot away. Looking up, at me. So close. So fearless.

As much as I struggle, I know I’m going to kiss this foolish girl if it’s the last thing I do. My eyes focus on her lips, which are now moist from her tongue running over them a few times in the last minute. She wants it too. I give her one last warning, I make a move and close the gap between us but she is still bravely waiting for me, for my kiss. Then, at the moment when both of us lose our heads, we kiss, slowly, curiously. I hope this is not some kind of ruse her mother thought of. I pull back, I need to see her eyes again. They tell me so much, but they are closed.

“Please… don’t stop,” her words are the fuel I need.

I kiss her again, passionately. I want to taste every inch of her and if by that it means kissing her eternally, I will. I pull away yet again, breathing raggedly.

“I have nothing good to give you.”

Her feeble hands are over my chest, and only scrunch my t-shirt in her fists as she pulls me in again.

December 16th, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Alexandra Iffpair of pumps

“More Than Just a Pair of Pumps”

My kitchen slash living room is one open space and so I walk to the far end of my kitchen area, leaving him standing by the large windows.

“You are not having one, are you?”

“I am,” I open the cupboard and take out a glass. Then I reach for the fridge door to open it.

“Miss Parker, I want you sober.”

His voice is all of sudden deeper, and darker. It takes me a few moments before I reply.

“Why is that?”

Acting nonchalant, the butterflies in my belly flutter around like crazy but nevertheless, I pull the bottle of white wine from the fridge and slowly I pour myself a glass, steadying my hand.

In an instant he’s next to me; he takes the glass from my hand and places it on the kitchen top.

“You tell me.”

I remain still, as if I expected all of this, afraid to move or to resist him. Placing his hands on my shoulders, he gently turns me around, away from him. I’m staring at my fridge right now and, knowing he can’t see me, I close my eyes, fully surrendering to the moment.

“Do you think you’re sober enough?”

I nod but I’m sure he hasn’t seen me. His hands slide down the sides of my body, delectably tracing my curves.

Then he reaches for the hem of my dress and he starts tugging it gently up. His palms, now gliding up my body, feel warm and smooth on my skin.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt anyone’s hands on me. Wanton, and impatient, I turn around, searching for his lips; I want him, I want whatever he has planned for me. I’ve never had anyone watching me with such a debauched promise in his eyes. I want some of that!

He smirks at my frustration and continues, reaching my waist; his thumbs entering my red zone. Slowly he grazes the sides of my breasts as carnal need whirls in my head. Again, impatiently I lift my arms and allow my dress to be lifted over my head, and dropped down on the floor.

He’s watching my every move like a hawk; his eyes never leave mine, even though I’m standing naked in front of him bar my white panties. Then he takes a step back and takes his t-shirt off; the lean, perfect ridges of his stomach muscles suddenly are all I see.

“Kiss me,” I plead, I’m not used to standing naked in front of anyone, but he just reaches out with his hand and runs his thumb over my lips; he glides it across, slowly wetting it with my saliva and then inserts it in my mouth. I’ve never pleased anyone orally before and I’m not sure what he wants but with my insides on fire, my body is my beacon, it walks the path that he’s crafting. How he does it I cannot comprehend.


He takes his wet thumb out of my mouth and, glides it from my shoulder down to and over my left breast, softly touching my skin but skipping past my pebbled nipple deliberately. He does the same with my other breast and by now, fuck, I’ve arched my back so much it hurts.

I can’t take this anymore; I take his hand and guide it to my breast.

“Touch me.”

He faintly smiles.

“Nobody has ever had to say that to me.”

I take his other hand and place it on my other breast.

“I am sober. Don’t you want me?”

“You have no idea how much.”

“Then why…”

“What’s the rush?” he whispers.

With his hands on my breasts, he starts kneading them gently; my hardened nipples rub against his palms, but they need more. I close my eyes and tilt my head sideways, accentuating my neck, hoping he’ll get the message. I smile when I feel his hot lips on my skin. Each little kiss feel like a winter flower coming in bloom under his touch. Last thing I sense with my eyes closed are his fingers, tangling in my hair as he pulls my head toward him. The moment our eyes meet and I start drowning inside them again, a sharp slap over my breast, followed by a tug wakes me up, rouses me; I clench my teeth and moan.

Breathing rapidly, I’m not sure what just happened but the foreign flash burn that ensues inside my body is something I want more of.

Another slap over my other breast, followed by a long tug makes me lose my mind even more.

“Hi,” he says darkly.


Everything slows down again. He hovers over my lips, inhaling the air I breathe, waiting for me to part my mouth, and he kisses me, our tongues entwining into an unhurried dance.

He holds my body with his kiss, and guides me backwards into my bedroom. In one hand he cups my breast and kneads it tenderly. Then he squeezes my nipple again, tug it until I moan in pain before letting it go.

Wh-what is happening? I feel as if he fucked me already, but he only just touched me. I know I’m behind on everything, but how the fuck did the foreplay get so…so….good?

Having stopped by the bed, he tosses the pillows on the floor.

“Come here, Miss Parker,” he takes my hand. “Lie next to me.”

“Please, it’s Trinity.”

“Trinity,” he smirks. “It’s time we get to know each other better.”


December 15th, 2016

Advent Calendar for Grown-ups by Maggie AdamsMaggieAdams

Forged in Fire

She pushed at him. “I believe you. But it doesn’t matter. You can’t handle my profession. You can’t handle me,” she sauntered away from him, hiding a smile. She had felt how much he wanted her, but she wasn’t going down easy.
It was the last straw as far as Lucky was concerned. He had been truthful and open with her and she just flitted away, her saucy ass swaying. “You’re doing this on purpose, twisting my words. You want to play games? Well, I’m finished playing it your way, little temptress. I’m going to take what you’ve been offering and damn the consequences.”

Renee saw the intent in his eyes and ran around the sofa, her heart pounding in excitement. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t been playing games with you. Do you think I want to be attracted to a man who can’t take me seriously?” she shouted. She had been teasing him with her body. She couldn’t help it. But her attraction to him had to manifest itself somehow. She was only human.
He caught her coming around the edge of the table and dragged her to the floor, leaning over her. “You want me, don’t you little witch?” He growled as he feasted his eyes on her heaving breasts. The more he stared, the harder the pebbles grew, and the more she struggled.
“Stop trying to overpower me,” she panted. She could feel the hardness of his arousal against her leg. Without thinking, she parted her legs further, allowing him to come closer. She sighed at the more intimate contact. She couldn’t help it. His weight felt absolutely wonderful.
“I. Am. Stronger. Than. You,” Lucky ground his pelvis into her, clasping her arms above her head. “Admit it!”
“Dammit Renée, it’s not a sin to be weaker once in a while. And women are physically weaker than most men. It’s a fact.”
He stared at her breasts pressing against the sheer fabric of her gown. “And baby, whether you want to be or not, you are all woman.” He bent down and took one turgid peak in his mouth.
“Oh God, that’s fabulous,” Renée gasped aloud, sensations washing over her.
Lucky came up hissing. “You like that, don’t you? Admit it; you want me as much as I want you, dammit.” He jumped up. “It isn’t fair to you. I can’t offer you anything.” His breath was coming in short gasps. She was so damn beautiful. He raked his hands through his hair and turned away from the invitation in her eyes
Renée clambered up from the floor. “Did I ask for anything else, Lucky? I’m a grown woman. I can make a decision. Whether or not I have sex with a man is my choice.”
Lucky’s world was angry fire warring with hope and desire. “Suppose I just take what you’re offering and damn the consequences. Are you prepared to take the responsibility of a relationship with a convict?”
Renée had never seen him so angry, not even when Sussex had gotten away from them on the highway. “I was trying to make a point.” She began backing away as he started forward.
“Point taken. You want to have sex with me. All right, I’m game,” he continued to stalk her.
She refused to back down. “Stop trying to intimidate me!”
“Intimidate you? The great Renée Morgan?” He sneered as he caught her by her long dark hair. He tugged lightly and spun her around into his arms. “I wouldn’t presume to be able to unnerve such a strong confident woman in such a way.” He tightened his grip at her waist. “After all I’m just a suspected murderer. Everyone believes I killed her; they even sympathize with my reasons for doing so.”
“Stop it!” Renée struggled against him. She heard the pain behind his angry words and it hurt her to see his anguish as he tried so valiantly to disguise it.
“Maybe that’s what Claudia said, too,” he sneered in her face, “Or maybe that’s what turned you on about me. I mean, a hard-ass woman like you won’t be satisfied with an honest hard working man. We’re too boring. A hard-ass woman would want some excitement, some danger.”
Renée stared into his deep brown eyes. This was what Claudia had done to him. Even if they found the killer, if he was once again free from her, the betrayal would still be with him. She had taken his pride, his self-esteem, and trampled it. She had made him a eunuch. Not physically, but emotionally, he was a cripple. She stared at him, and God help her, Renée realized in that instant that she was in love with him.
Lucky couldn’t ignore the sweetness emanating from her eyes, no matter how hard he tried to fight it. He knew he was falling in love with her. He loved her with such intensity that now he realized his feelings for Claudia were nothing compared to this emotion. He pulled her closer, wrapping her in his arms as he took her mouth in a gentle kiss. Her body opened to him. Her feminine scent surrounded him. He wanted to lose himself in her loving body, kiss every inch of her skin and take her with him to the stars and back.
Their lovemaking continued, falling onto the floor, never breaking the kiss. Renée shivered as his tongue boldly plundered the moist interior of her mouth. She ran her hands through his hair and rubbed her body against him. The feeling was incredible.
Lucky knew he would have to end this soon or he would never be able to stop. She sent him to the edge every time he touched her. He had to trust that she understood what he had been trying to tell her. He lifted his upper body away from her and she moaned, her arms reaching for him in open invitation.
“You’re supposed to be stopping me, woman. I’m practically ravaging you,” he growled as he reached out and tore her gown down the middle, exposing her breasts to his hungry gaze.
“I can’t help it if you make me feel this way,” she panted, arching closer to him, wanting to feel his exquisite mouth on her naked breasts. She leaned up and licked his lips with her tongue while she grabbed his shirt front and ripped it open, flinging buttons everywhere.
“Dammit,” he ground out as he took her mouth in a ravenous kiss. Her silky hair fanned out around them. He ran his hands through it, pulling her closer, not able to deny it any longer. He broke away for a second and stood up, throwing his shirt off his shoulders and taking off his jeans. In a moment, he was naked and flinging himself onto her body. She accepted his weight with a gentle gasp.
Lucky stared at her sultry half-closed eyes for a moment. “You want me, Renée and I want you. I’m not the man my family thinks I am. If we take this opportunity, I’m not making any promises, not now. Not ever.” He grabbed her face with his hands and forced her to stare at him. “Do you understand?”
Renée felt a flicker of fear. She knew with a certainty that she was in love with this man. He might be acting like an angry bear, but she believed what his family had said was true. He was a good honest man. Life had wounded him, and she wanted to be the only one to soothe the pain away. If only he would let her. She would give him back his pride tonight and let tomorrow take care of itself. She wanted to do this for him to show him, he was worthy of her love. She reached up and smoothed a lock of his hair. “I understand.”
Lucky swore at the look of love reflected in her eyes. She was so vulnerable and sweet, staring up at him with shining eyes. He hated doing this to her, but he could not make promises while he was still being framed for murder. He might not have a life to give her and it wouldn’t be fair to take advantage. She might think she was a cynical private detective, but when it came to her own personal life, she was a babe in the woods compared to what he knew now.
“Good.” He ripped the rest of the gown away, taking her panties with it. She gasped at his callous treatment. “I like it hard, fast and dirty.” He smiled with an evil grin as he forced her legs apart, thinking that any minute now, his actions might turn her away from him. He steeled himself for her rejection.
Renée stared at him. Her bear was in a reckless mood tonight. He was trying to warn her away. She could still see the pain, the vulnerability in his eyes. She entwined her legs around him, pulling him down on top of her and nestling him between her hips. She felt his hardness touch her and she wiggled in sensual delight. “You may like it hard and fast,” she whispered against his lips, “but you’re also going to love it slow and sweet.”


Maggie Adams is an Amazon Best Selling contemporary romance author. Her first book in the Tempered Steel Series, Whistlin’ Dixie, debuted in Amazon’s Top 100 for Women’s Fiction, humor, on November, 2014 and then again at #61 in 2016. Since then, she has consistently made the Amazon best seller 5-star list with Leather and Lace, Something’s Gotta Give, Love, Marriage & Mayhem, and Forged in Fire. She is also the recipient of the Dayreader Review’s Best New Series Award for 2015. Her series has launched the tiny town of Grafton, Illinois, into International recognition with sales in Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and the UK.