Excerpt from Lion’s Vineyard

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“Evie,” I hate it that I’m doing this.

I don’t need anyone, I know, and yet, she is all I’ve been thinking about.

Evie stands up and looks at me boldly. She wasn’t this daring when she was at my house.

“Don’t you dare say my name you….”

“Or what? You’ll show up in my house, dressed like a whore again?”

Her eyes bulge in shock. She looks to her right, checking if Maria has heard me but lucky for her Maria has left the bench the moment I decided to ignore her.

“Get off of my property before I really hurt you,” Evie huffs between her teeth.

“Right now you are standing on my property, Evie. I think it’s you that should step back.”

She stands up, lifts her chin in a sign of protest and crosses her hands over her chest.

“Before I come too close.”

That shocks her. She’s staring at me half confused half frowning.

“W-what does that mean?” Naïve curiosity spills out of her in abundance.

Which is why I can’t say another word. I’m beguiled with this woman who comes from the very blood of Satan herself. My eyes glance at her lips, and my secret is revealed. It’s out there, for everyone to mock me with. Her lips are too succulent not to dream of and her doe eyes are too innocent not to believe them.

She glances behind her again, checking if she’s alone and then she licks her lips for me. It’s for me. I know. The way she looks at me, my eyes, and, my lips. Her eyes give off the depravity hidden inside her. Our eyes have just kissed. Our lips may never do that.

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