Flash Burn II


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James Knight POV.
I stand there rooted to the place for a moment, debating my options, and when I’m about to turn back and get the hell out of there, the door bursts open and she’s rushing out. Her brows are drawn together on her forehead, forming a very cute V between her eyes and she’s scowling at her phone, not looking where she’s going. She raises her head at the last second, her crystal blue eyes piercing my soul as her petite body collides with mine.

Her arms flail outwards trying to stop her body from falling and a tiny shriek hitches in her throat. My arms instantly go around her slender waist and I pull her flush to my chest, holding her tight. I can feel the shock of electricity coursing through my body from having her pressed against me. What the…? I can almost see the sparks flying around us, I can hear the buzz, it’s like the air around us is vibrating, or… is that the sound of my heartbeat ringing in my ears?

Eva Roberts POV.
I swing the door open and… someone is standing outside the women’s restroom. I look up from my cell but it’s too late. Unable to stop myself I bump into him, bouncing off and falling backward until I’m caught in his embrace.
I can barely say anything. I am …speechless. The darkest brown eyes are glaring back at me, under the darkest locks I’ve ever seen and I’m standing there. Pulled close to his chest, feeling his heart beat and… I see him slowly entering my soul. I… I am lost. Overwhelmed …without gravity…I don’t know where to go. Which way is the right way? The feeling is surreal. I lose my hearing and I feel my body pulsating in his direction, like radio waves.

His gaze is locked with mine, he’s holding me tight and…Oh my! I am suddenly aware of the bulge in his pants. Is that…? No, it can’t be. If it is, he’s big! My breathing becomes shallow and I am not sure why. Fuck, I’m blushing.
I must move …I must. I push myself away from his embrace, half apologizing for not sure what…um…oh yes, bumping into him… and I leave. Oh my god. This was unnerving. Nobody has ever made me this confused. And speechless. He never said a word. I glance back at him and he’s just standing there, looking at me. I wish he’d said something.
Will their chance encounter develop into something more? What follows are events that will make you squirm in your seat in lust, love and fear.

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Steamy Romance BDSM 2020

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