How To Cope With So Many ARCs

As a blogger/reviewer and in general an all round reader we see these forms to fill out for releases, blog tours etc. so we sign up, and sometimes we over do it, and it all gets a bit too much.
I must admit, sometimes I forget which arcs I have signed up for and when they all come in at once it gets overwhelming. I worry and stress I may not have them read and reviewed in time because there’s often another lot due at the same time.
I figured there must be an easier way to plan and organise my * ARC* schedule. And so, here it is:
I started to keep a diary and also keep notes in my phone so I can look at anytime and if any are round about the same time I’ll simply message and say I can no longer review it in the specific time frame. Some authors are okay with that but some may get a little irritated or their PA’s would. What you must remember with me, is that it still gets reviewed, just not always on the exact date.
Other times I won’t sign up for arcs because sometimes like I said, it can be stressful. I remember when reading used to be for fun, when there was no rush at all. Not anymore though. Reading sometimes feels very quick and not being able to fully take my time and enjoy the book.
What really stresses me out most with arcs is when authors literally send me the book the day before release and want it read and reviewed for release day.
Like.. what ? I’m not a reading machine LOL.
Even though I rant about how to manage the arcs the best overall advice I can truly give is : watch when you sign up – the dates shouldn’t clash with other arc dates, otherwise you’ll stress out and worry.
Just keep a schedule of how many arcs you sign up for and by whom and if you can’t manage on time just drop the author / PA a message.  They are extremely understanding .

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