Why don’t you join my Cartel?

Why don’t you join my Cartel?Join my Cartel Today!

I can almost see you frowning, thinking to yourself …what exactly is a Cartel?

Let me try to explain.

A Cartel is an agreement amongst competitors. In our case, that would be agreement amongst us, Authors.

We are all competing for the same readers who, probably eventually will get to read all of our books and go on to digest more books (you read a book in one sitting, but you write it in six months, right?).

With every post we do on facebook or twitter we try to get readers interested in our writing, and try to sell our books. So instead of acting like competitors, we could choose to act like allies. By helping each other, we can multiply our efforts, and more readers will get to read our amazing books!

Nearly every great writer has been in a Cartel. From Ernest Hemingway to Virginia Woolf, and from J.R.R. Tolkien to Mary Shelley.

Just look at the current collaborations authors are doing, posting and promoting other books on their pages, etc. They have to be in a Cartel to do that, right? Bottom line is, they are all working together and not against each other.

In other words, by sharing, giving feedback, doing guest blog posts, reading books from our peers, collaborating, asking for help, etc., we make the connection.

Well, if you are like me, and you like the idea of being in a Cartel, I want us to try something.  I’ll need your email, your facebook author page and the genre that you write in. That’s all.

You can give me your details here

I will then create a place where we can communicate and discuss ideas and share practices on self-publishing, etc.

What do you say, shall we try this out?

Comments and feedback are welcome, as always!

Alexandra xx

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