Book Boyfriends vs Real Love

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If you are single and would like to find someone, and at the same time you are willing to take action, here are my five cents:

1. Write down a few short facts about yourself, what you want to tell people when you meet them, etc. If you can record yourself on your phone, do it. Introduce yourself, say your name, where you’re from, what you do, who you are. Make sure it’s not longer than a minute. And then watch it. Is that how you want to come across? Remember, first impressions are everything, so show your best side. Mention your achievements, your dreams and things you would like the other person to know about you. 

2. Think about who are you targeting (e.g. age, gender, interests) and their precise wants and needs as that relates to what you offer. Being able to clearly identify your potential partner will help you better “speak his language”.

3. Having a strong unique selling point is of critical importance as it distinguishes you from the other women/men! Think about what is it that you have or do, or maybe even where you come from, that you know your potential partner would absolutely love, etc.

4. Your positioning must be aligned with your desire to find a partner. For example, if you want to meet someone at the gym, going there once a month may not give you quick results because you limit your time spent at the gym. Also, once you are there you need to be open for conversation, and not many people want to talk while they are dripping in sweat. So you need to think about this carefully. Where do you see yourself meeting this person? Think of your interests. 


5. How will your potential partner find you? For example, how he will find your mobile phone, or social media account? Via a friend? A relative? Will they ask you for your details directly? Think of many different ways in which he might be able to reach you. Open yourself up to new avenues. Maybe think about joining a club – something in line with your interests, somewhere where you are comfortable, too. 

6. Conversion rate – this refers to the techniques you employ to turn potential partners into real partners. For example, if you go on dates wearing full on red lipstick, and insisting on your man kissing you on the first date, then what’s your conversion rate? Do they kiss you? Are they impassive just because of your lipstick? Or something else? When reflecting on your conversion rate ask yourself, do you have to change something to be more aligned with attracting the man you want? 

7. Joint partnerships are agreements you forge with other women who can help you in your quest to find your man. For example, if your ideal man works as a doctor, it could be good if you partner up with a nurse, or someone that works in a hospital. A friend, or neighbour who could help you. Think about all your friends that have partners that were once single, talk to them about your plan of action, I’m sure they’ll want to help.


Saying all of the above, most time book boyfriends are much, MUCH better than real ones, right?

Hope this helps. 🙂
Alexandra Iff

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