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Writer’s Block? 

Sexting Yes or No?

BDSM: The Stages in Collaring

And so you’ve published a book…now what?



Sexting – Yes or No?


Before you answer my question, let’s read the sexting session between James and Eva from “FLASH BURN“, #1 Bestseller in Erotica genre on Amazon. It will help, I’m sure.

This is what James Knight wrote to Eva Roberts once upon a time.


Knight: “Miss Roberts? Are you there?”

Roberts: “Well…good evening Mr. Knight…or should I say …Good evening, Master…Sir.”

There it is, that smart mouth again. I can feel my cock beginning to strain against my pants.

Knight: “Good evening Miss Roberts. At home on Friday night?”

I’m trying to keep the conversation civil.

Roberts: “I was out, but since the fun was limited to my friends only, I decided to come home and drink in peace.”

Oh, wonderful, she’s drunk…Maybe this was a bad idea.

Knight: “Are you drunk?”

Roberts: “No, but I am getting there. Why? Do you want to join me?”

Knight: “No, thank you. I had my share of drinking tonight. I’ve had enough.”

I’m still nursing the glass of cognac in my hand, but I think the delicious Miss Roberts doesn’t have to know.

Roberts: “Hm. You are not fun.”

Knight: “Fun? Since when drinking is fun?”

Roberts: “Um…It’s not?”

There, I think I see my opening.

Knight: “Do you want to have fun Miss Roberts? Are you ready to play? It’s not the real thing but it sure will get us close.”

Roberts: “We can play? Now?”

Knight: “Yes, Miss Roberts, now. Do you want to play?”

Roberts: “Yes, let’s play…. This is getting exciting.”

That was quick, she’s so eager… I like that.

Knight: “Yes, what Miss Roberts?”

Roberts: “Yes, Sir.”

Oh, my cock twitches in response to that.

Knight: “Good girl. Miss Roberts, please don’t get excited just yet. Tell me, what are you wearing?”

Roberts: “I am wearing my white silk slip. I am sitting on my bed, leaning on a few pillows with my lap top on my knees. Oh, and I have a glass of wine in my hand.”

Knight: “Silk slip? Mm… Panties?”

Roberts: “No panties.”


Continuing from EVA ROBERTS POV.

Knight: “Very good. Do you have any toys, Miss Roberts?”

Roberts: “Sex toys? I have a vibrator and a dildo, that’s all. The girl in my emails is a wild chick. Me…well, I’m just…me.”

Knight: “Go get the vibrator and come back. I’ll be waiting.”

This is getting freaky. What am I going to do? I feel butterflies fluttering their wings in my stomach and I love that feeling. It’s not apprehension…it’s…anticipation. I quickly go to the drawers next to my bathroom and come back with the vibrator in my hand.

Roberts: “OK. I have it with me.”

Knight: “Are you ready?”

Roberts: “Yes.”

Knight: “Yes, what?”

Roberts: “Yes, Sir.”

Knight: “Yes. Don’t forget that. Now, I want you to put the lap top on the side of the bed and take the bedcover and the pillows off of it. Put them on the floor. I need your bed to have only the sheet, nothing else. I will wait.”

That’s easy. I push the bed cover and the pillows to the floor and my bed is clear. My lap top is on the side.

Roberts: “Ready, Sir.”

Knight: “Hm. Eager little thing, aren’t you Miss Roberts?”

Roberts: “Yes, I am, Sir. Ready to play.”

Knight: “Put the vibrator in the middle of the bed and lie on top of it, position it directly on your clit. Not inside you, but pressing against you. Can you do that?”

Roberts: “Yes, Sir. Done.”

Knight: “Now, this is important. Your legs should not be spread open. Do you understand?”

Roberts: “Yes, I do, Sir.”

Knight: “Turn the vibrator on to the max and remember, your legs should NOT be open. Your behind should NOT perk up. Your hips – do NOT move. This is hard, I know.”

Roberts: “I am doing it now.”

I think I can do it. I lie down on my stomach, prop myself up on my elbows, position the vibrator under me, on my clit, slotted in my cleft, and turn it on. Oh my…the intensity is too much but it kind of talks to my body and within seconds I know where I am heading. Making me instantly want to push myself against it. Ah…the bed is so soft and as I push into it, the vibrator sinks into the bed. My knees open slightly when I hear the ping and I look up.

Knight: “Your knees. Keep your knees closed.”

Arh! How..? I put my knees together. But…oh…the vibrations going through my body feel amazing. I have never tried to ride my vibrator in this position. Not inserted in me but kind of humping it…ahh…it’s difficult to keep my legs closed and my behind is getting higher each time my hips dip into the bed.

My heart is racing and all I can think of is my climax. But it’s hard. I can’t do it without properly humping the vibrator, spreading my knees on the bed, trying to straddle it with all my might, gyrating with my hips into the rigidity, absorbing the vibrations inside my core via the clit…reaching my peak. Ah…I hear the ping from my lap top again. I think soon I won’t be able to hear anything. I can barely concentrate on him.

Knight: “Don’t give in, Miss Roberts. Hold onto the head board if you can, keep your legs closed.”

I moan and I look up. My head board is high. I can’t hold it lying down. If I get up only a little, my legs will fucking open in an instant. The nerve cells in my whole body sting and I feel them mostly on my nipples, hardened and elongated; now rubbing against the sleek sheet and my slip. Sensitized. Ahh…

Roberts: “This feels…”

I am barely able to type. Can’t do it anymore.

Knight: “I wish I could see you now. Your body parts fail to respond to your commands and slowly…your legs open…pushing your knees out…you… perking your behind…ready for me to take you…and …fuck you HARD!”

I close my eyes and do exactly that…I lift myself up and grab hold of the head board, pushing against it while my legs spread open, my knees trying to straddle the bed and pulling the vibrator with me a bit higher, I start humping it, rotating my hips over it, taking it all in while I feel my fucking orgasm arriving, my hips pressing deeper into the bed and my ass hole, half covered by my slip riding up, is fucking needy and opens up each time …and waiting…ah.. waiting for someone.

The bed is banging against the wall now faster, pounded by my thrusts. My moans resonate in the bedroom … turning into fast grunts, absorbing the vibrations inside of me faster and faster at the same time while I hump it…I am mad, feral.

Hearing the ping, I raise my head and read:

Knight: “Come for me Miss Roberts. Now!”

… and the waves crash on my shore, awakening me into a maddening orgasm. I convulse over the bed, thrash about, it feels like I’m riding someone hard for hours.

Still panting, with clit sore from pressing against the hard vibrator, I lie on the bed and turn my head towards the computer screen; he is gone! Shit! The internet is down. As much as I have my high right now, I feel sad. It would have been great if he’d been online when I was coming. It would have been perfect. I am sure he was stroking himself, too.

“Fucking bad timing. I have to do something about my internet provider.”

~ ~ ~

Well? What do you think? Sexting – Yes or No?

The above text is from  FLASH BURN, #3 Bestseller in Erotica Genre on Amazon!

BDSM: The Stages in Collaring

Stages in collaring

Let’s discuss collaring in BDSM.

Actually, it’s not much of a discussion. I just want to give you extra information about it so you can see where my book THE COLLAR OF FREEDOM comes under.

The collaring is typically done in stages:


Collar of Protection

A collar of protection is denoted by the initials of the protecting Dominant and a small P to signify that protection.

It means that the submissive is under the protection of that particular Dominant, often due to a failed or abusive relationship, or the fact that she may have been stalked or harassed.

Wearing a protection collar gives the submissive time to heal if needed, and the security of knowing she is safe when out and about, as she is under protection. She is literally unapproachable without the knowledge of the protecting Dominant.

Usually, it is a Dominant of high standing in the community that is approached for, or offers protection. There is no time limit on a collar of protection; it is there for as long as it is needed.


Collar of Consideration

A collar of consideration is often the very first step in a potential new relationship between a Dominant and submissive.

This collar is usually worn for an agreed period of time, and at the end of that time, it can be renegotiated, the relationship can go to the next step, or both parties can decide to go separate ways.

A collar of consideration is not offered or accepted lightly, it denotes more than just a casual interest and both parties should understand the underlying meaning behind this commitment.

It is an indication to other Dominants that this submissive is basically off limits whilst in the “consideration” period, and it signifies the beginning of a potentially committed relationship.

It is not, however, a lifelong commitment, and there should never be any blame attached to either party, if at some stage one or other decides to withdraw from the situation.


Training collar

A training collar is the second step, and will be offered by the Dominant, usually after a consideration collar has been in place for a certain period and the next level is agreed upon.

Usually, there will have been many discussions about likes, dislikes, needs and desires, and discoveries about personalities and characteristics, with the underlying factor that there is real potential for this relationship to go deeper, and more committed than before.

A training collar is almost equivalent to an engagement ring, and usually involves the same emotions, feelings and responsibilities.

It signifies to other Dominants and submissives that this relationship is now on a more serious level, and has the potential to be a long term commitment.

The Dominant may now move into other areas of training and discipline and can often demand higher standards from the submissive than before.

The submissive, on accepting a training collar, should have a good understanding of what is required of her – and should be very much aware that her behavior is a reflection of the training she is receiving from the Dominant whose collar she wears.

The collar is also a symbol of the devotion and commitment the submissive has for the Dominant.

At this stage, there can often be conflicts in the minds of both Dominant and submissive. The Dominant now has the added responsibility of this particular submissive, and it may well curtail His exploration of other submissives, unless of course it is agreed beforehand that there will be others involved.

The submissive can struggle to reconcile her mind to her submission, and her commitment to one person. She is no longer available for other potential Dominants, and this can lead to feelings of less personal freedom in her life than before.

Subconscious testing of the relationship’s strength is often an underlying current, as both parties want to see how strong the commitment is. Insecurities and doubts are brought to attention, and often raise their ugly heads when there is no need. These elements must be faced and conquered if the relationship is to move to the next and final step.

Honesty and trust are paramount in any relationship, but more so at this stage as this is the final building block for the ultimate final step.

A training collar can also be used in another way. A Dominant can give a training collar to a particular submissive, in order to train and mentor her in correct behavior and protocols whilst she is searching for her ideal Dominant with whom she will then pursue a serious lifelong D/s relationship.

The mentoring Dominant will help in the search, and will give advice and training whilst doing so. This submissive is treated as if owned by the Mentoring Dominant, until such times as she is released to another.

Again, as with protection collars, it is usually a Dominant of high standing and respect that becomes a Mentor.


Formal collar

This collar which is often known as the slave collar is the ultimate goal and final step in a D/s relationship.

A formal collar is a recognition of the bond and attachment between the Dominant and submissive and bears the same level of commitment and deep feelings as a wedding ring. It shows devotion, mutual respect, and expresses the fact that the Dominant and submissive have the same ideals and desires to share their lives.

In giving this collar, the Dominant shows His commitment to care for the submissive, and be responsible for her. Acceptance of this collar by the submissive, is an offering of her complete submission to the Dominant, she gives the whole girl to him, heart, mind body and soul, and trusts Him to with her life.

It signifies trust, respect and commitment, elements that are crucial to a successful D/s relationship.

A formal collar is often given at a ceremony in front of friends and other D/s community members. It is a deeply emotional and heartfelt time for both parties, and it is an honor to be invited to such a ceremony.

Not all dominants/Masters use all collars and sometimes combinations are used instead.

Please note the above text was written by Kim Debron, a collared slave from Australia.


The Collar of Freedom

And where do I put The Collar of Freedom?

Clearly, not among the real stages of collaring in BDSM.

With all due respect, I did want to give you guys more knowledge about it, however, in all honesty I also wanted to get your attention and tell you more about my debut novel.

THE COLLAR OF FREEDOM is a stage in your life when you actually try the things you always wanted to, and by doing so, you set yourself free while getting attached to a certain type of lifestyle. You know what I’m talking about?

Yeah, I know you do.


“Amelia Jones knows the truth; she lives and breathes it every day. The endless monotony of a loveless marriage, and years of domestic slavery stretch before her in minutes and hours that are destined to end in a mental breakdown.

Then Alexander Reeves walks through the door.

Her new boss is intriguing, charismatic and clearly driven by unspoken demons, and while Amelia knows she’s playing with fire, she’s relentlessly drawn to the man. Alexander is just as taken by her, but knows that giving into temptation can only end in disaster. When the couple succumb to a passionate, furious battle of the wills, Amelia is thrilled and afraid; Alexander’s erotic preferences are shocking to the uninitiated. The trouble is, wild as his life may seem, Amelia knows that he at least is living. Alexander may bring about her ruin, but he also holds the secret to her salvation, and Amelia prays she might be able to save him too.”