Writer’s block?

In the Indie Publishing world, you should welcome it! 
writers block

After many sleepless nights, months and sometimes years of working, writing and publishing your amazing books, engaging your fans on all of your social media platforms, building many great friendships online and in real life thanks to your creative work, suddenly you feel like you have nothing else to say to the world.

You exhausted all your ideas and you probably thought your books were a fluke, a one off wonder, and that you’re sorry you’ve invested so many years of your life writing. Because… Well, maybe you are not a writer after all.

Your muse has been gone for too long. She’s simply vanished.

Well, all I can say is don’t worry; we’ve all been there.

When it first happened to me I felt not only trapped but awfully lonely, too. And so I turned to myself, at first only to scold and talk derisively and then I went further, deep inside my head. (You see, I do that often – go into extremes.) After quite a bit of suffering, fighting self-depreciating thoughts, I managed to effectively break through to the other side.

I’ve come to realize that it’s more than OK to have a writer’s block. Now I could do all the other things I wanted to do but never had the time because I was … Guess what? Writing!

And as I started doing them, I promise you, in the back of my head when I was focusing on everything but writing, my muse woke up, cross with me that I was not standing there, waiting for her with open arms. She was nagging and bothering me until I sat down, opened my MacBook and started writing. Again.

My advice? Don’t despair, there’s plenty of work for the indie author.



Check out some of the things I was doing (and you could do, too)  if you have writer’s block:

  • Work on your website
  • Expand your online presence, open any of the following accounts that you currently don’t have (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumbrl, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Create marketing strategy for your social media
  • Amend your work, the bits that have been bugging you since you pressed that publish button months ago
  • Read a few “How to” books on writing/creating, anything to do with publishing, and implement it. I bet you have a draft text that has been gathering virtual dust particles on some lonely hard drive, or on a memory stick. Open it and apply your new-found knowledge. You’ll be proud of yourself when you do.
  • Connect with your friends again. See what they are up to. Go to your facebook messages and, one by one, send your friends a personal message. Get in touch again. You’ll be surprised how long ago it was that you talked to some people.
  • Change your author media pack / change the way blogs access your media pack
  • Make more teasers, or change the style of the existing ones
  • Research the authors in your genre, see what they have and you don’t
  • Do a photo shoot, people love to see your face

What have I not mentioned? What other things we could do when our muse is not around?

Feel free to add to this list as you wish.

And so you’ve published a book…. Now what?

And so you published a book. Now what?

After many days and months, working hard, editing your novel, finally you see the light at the end of the tunnel. In few days you are going to be a published author. Your book, the one which you’ve been working for the past year (or more) is ready. All your supporters, friends, family, people who are genuinely looking forward to your success are there too, waiting eagerly for you to press that button.


And you do, sincerely hoping that by doing so your life will change! You’ll finally be recognized for all your hard work! It will be great! Amazing! Wonderful! It has to be!! Right? RIGHT??

Well, listen to this:

Every single self published author (Erm…well, all except EL James) after publishing their first book goes through an enormous slump in energy which some call despair.

Why? Because right after your book is published and you’ve exhausted all your marketing strategies, the giveaways, facebook and twitter posts …..you wait..and wait.. and wait for those sales to come..and wait some more. And in a while, you decide you’ve had enough of it and what do you do?  You go back to writing again!!

I’m right, aren’t I?

How else will you run away from the problems that arise in self-publishing and avoid things you don’t understand? I mean, after all, you are not a sales man/woman, you hate self-promotion, you absolutely hate marketing and all the analytics that people tell you about just go above your head. Right?

But, what did you expect to happen?

How many books did you think you’d sell?

Did you think your book would magically get in the hands of some big-shot blogger? He or she would promote it and the sales would just roll in? Kerching!! Yeah….I know you did!

Well, I too, have published a book. Actually, the one I was working on for the past year (“The Collar of Freedom”) is going live on May 30, 2014.

However, since I’ve also written other stories, before I publish “The Collar of Freedom” I’ve decided to do a dry run, see what self publishing really is and hence I published “Flash burn” (the first part) on March 31, 2014.

And so it began! My online presence as a writer started to count. Take notice.

Why is this important? Well, last year in November I’ve attended an Author’s event in London and, together with their autographs, I asked each author few questions:

“What advice would you give to an up and coming author? What were the challenges you were faced with and how different would you have done it?”

The response I got was amazing!! Everyone wanted to help and each of them gave me a great advice.

Today I told you about the online presence. That was one advice I realized mattered most in order to get more sales. Everyone said, the more books you have online the more money you’ll make. However, as a self-published author I am far from making money, but what I know is how to be consistent.

Consistency is after all, king.  

What does it really mean? Let me tell you again. As I said, “The Collar of Freedom”, (that’s my baby) is going live on May 30th. However, another story I’ve written “Flash burn” is already published on Amazon (for which I got raving reviews (wohoo!)) and part two from the same story is going live on April 29th. Part three will come out at the same time with my baby, “The Collar of Freedom.”

So by the time my baby is born on Amazon, people would know of me, which would help me get more sales. Recognition comes with the sales, right? After all, what do authors like us want the most? Yup. To be called Authors. 😀

Does it make sense?

I mean, I repeat, don’t expect to make money out of anything to begin with. In fact, with the amount of money I have already invested in my book, I won’t break even for another year but that’s okay, because remember what I told you?

Consistency is king.  
And that goes for everything in life.

To the new authors out there, the one I talk to and the one I read about, I hope I put your mind at ease a little. Thank you all for reading my first ever post on my first ever blog and I hope to see you again soon. There will be more on self-publishing and its challenges as I walk along this road and, if you are where I am, I want you all to join me. (Don’t forget to subscribe, too 🙂 )

Please do comment with your experiences / challenges you came across in self-publishing.

Perhaps we can overcome them together?