Top 10 Reverse Harem Series To Read In 2024

New York Mafia Vengeance series


🔥 Reverse Harem / why choose

🔥 New York Mafia 


🔥 Enemies to lovers 

🔥 Punishments 

🔥 Degradation 


🔥 Praise 

🔥 Possessive alphas 

🔥 Lots of spice 

To the mafia, my loyalty means my life, but to me, it means someone else’s. How do I decide who lives and who dies? 


I should’ve run away to freedom. Not to his house. But a promise is a promise, even if it kills me. And it will, soon. The men who found me, three ruthless mafia heads, upended my life, ripped me open, and broke me down.  

Apparently, that wasn’t enough. Now, they’re going to kill me.  


The moment I open the door, ready to rain hell on whoever’s there, I find myself blindly pointing my gun at… her. I shouldn’t have taken her in. I should’ve killed her there and then. But the darkness inside her looked familiar.  

Fool. That’s what I am.  


She was an anomaly we should’ve killed. Not fucked. But my cock developed a mind of its own after tasting her silken heat. I was a goner, and even though I knew I had to end her life, I promised her protection.  

I still wonder what she’s done to me.  


As a mafia head, I can break as many rules as I want, and torture or even kill whoever’s in my way. That is, until I met her. My baby girl.  

I soon learned there are rules I’m willing to follow: hers.  

ORION Ruined is Book 1 in the New York Mafia Vengeance series. A Why Choose/Dark Mafia Romance full of spice and suspense that will keep you turning the pages.  

Publisher’s Note: This book ends on a cliffhanger, and it’s a dark romance that deals with mature themes that may be triggering for some. 

The Collar of Freedom by Alexandra Iff

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