December 9th

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Mistle Tie Me

Rafe tapped his pen on the desk next to his gamer keyboard, the rainbow of lights the only illumination in the darkened office.
A dating app. That could work, actually. It would be a hell of a lot faster than going through emails to match compatible people. Tie it in with the website, geography, and a whole host of other variables, and it just might work.
His cat chuckled inside him. Even when they had been kids, their kitten side had gotten them up to no good more than once. But entertaining her antics had been preferable to their mother’s insane politics. Now that Paige had a mate, he didn’t worry about her as much, at least. But that didn’t mean she didn’t exasperate the devil out of him on a daily basis.
Rafe stifled a groan. She wouldn’t know it, but he had already started incorporating app building into his small business and it was starting to take off, and big. At the rate he was going, he would be able to retire by the age of fifty and never have to worry about money again.
The only problem was, he had already contracted two new companies and as it was, to do their projects right, it was going to take weeks. Gods. He ran a hand over his face and blinked at the screen in front of him. He was going to have to hire some help.
“Have you talked to Sylvia about this?”
His sister shuffled her booted feet and wrapped a strand of long dark hair around her finger.
“Um, no?”
He let out a slow breath and tried not to think of things that involved murder.
“How about you let me finish this project and I’ll see what I can do? Meanwhile, you need to start advertising for some help.”
“What kind of help?”
“My kind. And someone to circumvent Sylvia’s determination to blow every bit of profits on new computer equipment.”
She slid a piece of paper onto his desk. “Here’s some of what I want to include. If you think it’s feasible.”
Rafe scanned her notes, pen still tapping.
Yeah. That would work. Excitement thrummed in his veins when he thought about the symmetry of it all.
Paige blinked, a smile spreading across her lips. “So, you’ll do it? We’ll have our very own app by Valentine’s Day?”
He pulled out a piece of paper and started jotting down job requirements. “Here. Post this. See what you get back. Make sure you’re clear they have to be flexible with their hours.”
Paige squealed and gave him a hug that sent him into a coughing fit. “You won’t regret this. I promise. And if it works, you’ll get a bonus.”
Rafe sighed, her excitement infectious. He could do it. If he pulled a few all nighters. It would be fine.

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