December 4th

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Break Even I

“I’m still working the case.” Barin took another drink from his beer, preparing for his brother’s response.
“I heard the case is over.” Cayden remarked with authority. He was the head of the RCMP’s northern drug task force.
“Maybe.” Barin had learned early on in life to not bother trying to lie to his older brother. Half-truths, and the occasional stretch of the truth were completely fine, as long as there was enough wiggle room to survive an interrogation later.
“None of your bullshit.” Cayden sat forward in his garden chair and the metal spring shrieked in protest at his weight and the biting cold. “You’re going after that Russian Spy, and you’re going undercover as some pervert who likes to beat women. You don’t have to do this. The RCMP have closed the case. Melanie Banroch is in the wind. Let the international spooks take care of this one.” Barin bristled at the implication behind his brother’s words.
“You don’t think I can handle this? I’ve taken down drug cartels and mobsters. Spent months, fuck that, years undercover. I know my shit.” Barin opened his mouth to continue, but Cayden spoke before he was able to say anything further.
“Christ, you don’t have to get your dick out and measure.” His expression hardened. “I’m allowed to feel concern for my brother, especially one who has spent too many years undercover. I’ve watched the changes in you, Barin. I wouldn’t be a good older brother if I didn’t say I think your time as an undercover agent is coming to an end. You hardly come home anymore and when you do, you sit out here and brood like a teenager. The happy-go-lucky kid I grew up with his gone.” He sighed loudly. “I’m not naïve enough to suggest you can ever get back to a place of peace, Barin, but if you don’t try now, you may never get another chance. We’ve both seen what this job can do to people.”
“My childhood ended a long time before I joined the force brother.” His voice was bleak, but he couldn’t help it. Remembering the past always had this effect on him and Barin was closer to his past here in Prince George than he was anywhere else in the world.
“You are going to have to let her go man.” Cayden urged. “There is no way you could’ve prevented her death.” He paused before continuing. “When you signed up for cadet training. I thought you did it in order to avenge her death or maybe just to follow in the footsteps of the rest of the Chamberlains. But you’ve forged your own path Barin. You’ve put some amazing cases to rest and were instrumental in some pretty fucking bad dudes getting their justice. This is the point in your career where you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work. Come join me on the drugs task-force or take a supervisory role. It’s the next step for your career.”

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