December 15th

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“Milli” #DarkRomance

I’m resisting the urge to believe him, he fooled me before. What does he want to achieve? Fucking me? He had his chance already. Unless he was preparing me for this. I turn my face away from him and from the crowd, hoping to erase my surroundings. This is it, I’m tied, and I will probably be gang-raped by everyone out there, starting with Sean. Every day. All my life. Just like my mother was, and my grandmother. And every other female person in my distant family. I failed them all. I count the minutes before my soul dies as the sound of his ragged breathing forcefully rams into my horrified mind. Before he rapes me. Before they all do. He’s beside me, rubbing both hands together. His firm touch on my back startles me, and I rattle the chains yet again, not ready to give up. 

“Calm down, Milli. This will help you relax.” 

“Get your dirty hands off me you piece of shit!”  

From the base of my spine his hands crudely glide up, applying pressure as he traces small circles around my shoulder blades. Is he… massaging me? 

“Stop… stop it! I don’t want you touching me at all!” Lying helpless and flat on the cold floor, I twist to get his hands off of me. I don’t need anything from him.  

He ignores me and continues to roughly manhandle me from my shoulders down to the back of my thighs. Hard, quick, firm. As if he is the one who’s upset for doing this. His hands glide over my bottom a few times, and then, unexpectedly, he slides his hands between my thighs. Using firm strokes from the back of my knees along the inside of my thighs, and up to my apex, he finishes with a sharp slap over my bottom. I wince. I hate him! Why does he do this? He repeats – ten, twenty sharp slaps on my bottom and I have stopped counting. I’m jolted each time by the soft stroke, and then, the now painful smack. He’s tricked me into vexingly awakening something inside me. In anticipation of his next move, my body begins to frustratingly throb. But nothing escapes my lips. Only my sharp inhale of air warns me of my yielding.  

I know it’s because I’m tied. If I weren’t, he’d get what he deserves.  

“These will have to go,” I hear his voice as his hands coil around my panties and the sound of ripping slices through me like a blade.  

“No!” I scream, I try to turn around, to save myself the embarrassment, tugging on the chains, yet again, stark naked. In my last crumb of hope I look back, tears pooling in my eyes. 

“Sean, please… please, if you have even an ounce of decency inside you, don’t do it. Listen to me, please. I-I I really like you. We could do this under different circumstances, not here, in front of everyone.”  

He is stroking my inner thighs while looking at me. I get to him, I know. The gleam in his ice-cold eyes changes. I only need to break through to his frozen soul. 

“Look away, Milli, I’m not done,” his wretched voice clearly states what’s to come.  

And, I finally give in. Silently I turn my head, my face is back on the floor, sobbing, and awaiting the penance my predecessor agreed for me. 

His hands lie flat on my sacrum, and slide down to between my butt cheeks. He’s deliberating. I don’t move, or fight against the chains. I don’t care anymore. I’m waiting for him to spread me open and give me hell. 

“Milli, I don’t want you like this, dead. You will turn around and show me your appreciation.” 

They can fuck me all they want but my attitude is what I’m keeping. I don’t comment, ignore him as he unlocks the cuffs on my hands and legs and helps me turn on my back. I’m flaccid, if they want my body this is what they’ll get.  

Taking both my wrists in his hand he holds them above me, as he lies on top of me, nuzzling his face in my neck. 

“Follow my lead and I’ll get you out of here. I promise,” his faint words are barely audible. He looks at me, then he looks at the darkened glass above us, smiles and kisses me. Not a small, insignificant kiss, but a deep, powerful one, the one that melts your reality away. His tongue is deep inside my mouth, weaving with mine, which, at first reluctantly but then willingly, is playing along. He pulls back, and breathlessly mumbles over my lips again. 

“There are so many reasons why I’m on this side, and you on the other, but please, please trust me.” 

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