December 18th

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Once inside, Veronica saw the splendor that appeared before her eyes! The wine-colored velvet curtains, decorated with gold trim, were hung on the windows. The whole perimeter of the big banquet room was full of round tables and white tablecloths. Three lemon-colored conical napkins stood on each wooden table. They fitted the tone of the golden edging of the curtains. Crystal decanters, standing in the middle of those tables, filled by water whenever new visitors came. Helpful waiters, approaching every client, were dressed in white shirts, black ties, and black pants. They took all orders from visitors without making them wait even for five minutes. Probably, the owner of this restaurant came up with a dress code for waiters, having a particular reason to please his rich clients. All guests would have a great impression of this restaurant as if they were sitting at the reception of a famous person―like a TV star.
Veronica was confused, thinking of where to go. She was overcome with doubts. Should I stand in the aisle or find out where the reserved table is for me? After all, Milano said nothing about that…
While Veronica admired the luxury in the restaurant, she also glanced at the visitors coming in. The gentlemen had a distinguished demeanor and were gallantry as they met with their ladies.
Veronica didn’t notice when the unfamiliar waiter came up to her.
“Signorina… Are you Veronica Ledyanova?”
“Yes…” Hearing her name, Veronica turned to the waiter. He waited for her, hanging on his hand a beautifully embroidered, light scarlet towel. The towel was engraved with the initials of the owner of the restaurant, and Veronica pondered about who he was.
“Please come with me, Signorina. Someone is waiting for you…”
Despite being surprised by the awareness of the waiter, Veronica followed him. She walked through a long white corridor which vividly contrasted with a brown, pile carpet, exclaiming high style. And soon she heard the voice of her beloved Demon who was being interviewed on the phone in his native, sexy language.
When the waiter stepped away, helpfully opening the door, Veronica entered the room. The room was cozy and cute as if it was designed for privacy. Probably, Milano booked such a room so that no one could disturb them.
Milano’s gaze that descended on Veronica spoke better than any words―he was captivated by her beauty. Milano said to himself that the indigo sparkling velvet dress, correctly sitting on his goddess’s ass, would likely be torn today. He has discovered her secret intimate charms, and he didn’t wish to let some freak look at his goddess hungrily. Milano didn’t want to see the same male sight as his brazen and lustful eyes created at that moment.
Setting aside a chair for Veronica, the waiter let her sit down and then left the room.
Veronica waited patiently for Milano to finish his talking. In one minute, she was a witness of that as he ended the call with his business partner.

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