Stop being so ignorant about bisexuality!

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STOP BEING SO IGNORANT ABOUT BISEXUALITYBefore I start this, let me send you to a Goodreads review that I left on a book a while back. I despised that book with a passion, and the main reason was… well, go read my review and find out.

Link here:

Read it? Well…, now you have an an idea of what this post is about.

First of all, let’s have something settled. I personally don’t believe in sexual orientation, in general.

I don’t like when you, she, he or am being placed in a “gay,” “straight,” or “bisexual” box and I don’t like that the world we live in now always feels the need to separate us by giving us these labels.

I believe that if someone is going to be attracted or fall in love with another person, gender wouldn’t play a single role in that. People are attracted to people, period.

Now I could give you many examples as to why I believe this, but this post isn’t supposed to be that long. So, if she, or he or you feel the need to call yourselves something like gay or straight, then just know that it’s an unfortunate limit you’ve created for yourselves.

And I think life is limited enough, it doesn’t need you to add more barriers.

But despite that limit, you’re still going to be attracted to whomever it is that you’re going to be attracted to. Your body, your heart won’t care.  Especially your heart.

But since being put in a box is inevitable in this wretched world/society, I’m going to talk about BISEXUALITY.

As defined, it is when an individual is sexually and romantically ABLE to be with EITHER a male

Or a female.  Meaning, Carla calls herself bisexual, and she meets David and calls in love with him and then marries him.  This doesn’t make Carla “straight.” Carla is STILL bisexual, she just happens to be with a guy.  And despite what an ignorant David thinks, Carla is not going to stray BECAUSE she is bisexual.  If Carla is a cheater, then she’s going to cheat, but her cheating tendencies will have nothing to do with her bisexuality.

Most people think this; when someone is bi, you can’t trust them, they’ll cheat on you.

Or this; when someone is bi, they won’t be satisfied with your penis, they’ll eventually want vagina.

No, NO, NO and fuck no!

That is absolutely UNTRUE!

I hate when REAL life people think this.

I hate it even more when published books use it as a plot device.

Like that book I reviewed (see link above). The author of this book used the fact that the Hero is bisexual, to make us understand that he’s not “satisfied” with having sex with just the Heroine. And so the author used that to justify the reason why the Hero needs another guy in the relationship. Because the heroine’s vagina isn’t “enough.”

I have no problems with polyamory or ménage relationships trust me. I think they’re hot as all hell.

In fact, I might consider it myself, as a lifestyle.  But I’m pretty sure polyamorous folks are not in their relationships BECAUSE they’re not satisfied with one particular genital, and NEED the other to be “complete.”

We, as readers, take our information from books, we can’t help it.  We’d like to think that a published author KNOWS what the hell they’re writing about.

But when an author writes something completely wrong, or represents a culture, a lifestyle,  etc. completely wrong, it’s our duty to whine about it and make sure the world knows that the way something is being portrayed or written about, is NOT how things truly are.

So, listen up, Dear Authors, next time you’re writing a bisexual character, please don’t make him or her into someone who is cheater who can’t help himself or herself, BECAUSE of his or her bisexuality.  And speaking as someone who’s been called bisexual, or can be placed in the bisexual or pansexual box, because I just happen to be attracted to PEOPLE, let me confirm right now that, WE are NOT like that.  We are attracted to both genders, yes, but we are perfectly capable of being content with having a relationship with one of those genders WITHOUT being tempted to cheat on our partner with the other gender.

So, please, just stop being so ignorant about bisexuality. In fact, stop being so ignorant about SEXUALITY. The world would be a better place if everyone thought like me, I swear.

Sarah Toussaint out!

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